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The Best Way To Get 1,000,000 Instagram Followers in 4 Days

Contests, giveaways, and raffles have always been excellent ways to go viral and grow an audience quickly.

Hosting a giveaway or partnering with an influencer is a great way to get real Instagram Followers. That said, let’s explore a quick strategy to get Organic Instagram Followers.

1. Giveaway

There is an axiom that bigger, shinier, and more expensive are always better. (Like a Tesla, for example.)

When you’re starting out with giveaways, I recommend starting much smaller, especially if you’re not partnering with an influencer to split the cost.

A $1,000-$5,000 giveaway can help your brand build credibility and a solid reputation.

You should also post about your campaign winners to add social proof.

Go to step two when you’re ready.

2. Partner With at Least One Influencer

Micro-influencer campaigns (with fewer than 10k followers) and more mainstream influencer campaigns (with celebrities, comedians, actors, etc.) are heavily debated.

Smaller brands (and even larger ones) should start with micro-influencers so they can test the waters, develop their process, and learn from them.

In order to really invest in influencer marketing, you need a solid grasp of the subject.

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3. Give Away Something Big

A similar scenario is what happened with David Dobrik and Team SeatGeek. They already had some sponsorships under their belt, and then they developed a plan to give away something major, specifically a Tesla.

There will be differences between each partnership and campaign. Since the brand will be leveraging the influencer’s audience as a springboard, it will likely pay for a larger portion of the campaign cost than the influencer. In order to make the example calculations easier, I used a 50/50 split up.

4. Boost Early Traction

The promotion of the post is not backed by either Dobrik or SeatGeek, but I would probably devote 5%-10% of the prize value to the promotion (aka “boosting”).

5. Time to Go Viral!

Using a viral strategy (follow, follow, share, tag), partnering with an influencer who kicks off the campaign, and spending money to boost early traction, you’ll be well on your way.

Each of these elements increases your chances of going viral and multiplies them.

6. Deliver and Post About It

The winner should be publicly announced after the campaign is completed, and a photo or video of the winner with their prize should be posted.

7. Adding Value

Getting followers and launching campaigns will vary greatly depending on how effective they are (largely because of the law of diminishing returns).

But don’t just host giveaways. Give your followers something worth following besides just the occasional contest entry — give them content that’s entertaining, educational, or adds value to their lives. Use the giveaway as a springboard to grow your audience.

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Few Final Thoughts

It is important to always have your end goal in mind before beginning any campaign – not just a giveaway.

Get to know your why.

This campaign isn’t cheap! Why am I doing this? Why am I building an audience? Is there a cheaper way to accomplish your goal?

As a result, each campaign should be treated as a vehicle for moving toward your end goal. Make sure you never lose sight of that goal, since it will assist you in attracting the right kind of people.

The campaigns of people like David Dobrik can be equally broad as he provides a wide range of content to a broad audience, but if you’re targeting niche audiences or brands, you might need to take a little creative approach.

Your audience values what you have to offer, and what purpose do you serve them?

When you know what you want, you should pursue it. Use everything you have at your disposal. Add value.

Getting more than 1 million followers in five days is possible if you do it right.

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