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The Best Time To Book A Removal Company For Moving House

It’s always recommended to begin searching early and book a removals service far in advance. With so many removal firms across Australia to choose from, it could take several weeks to choose the removal service that best suits your needs and preferences. 

House removal firms can become very busy since they usually book clients for their moves weeks ahead. What is the best time to make an appointment with a house removal firm to help me move? This is a crucial issue that many people struggle to answer. 

This guide can help simplify the process and help you know the ideal time to hire a removal service when you are moving house.

What’s the best time to book a removal company?

Ideally, you’ll seek quotes from the best removalists Melbourne-based companies at least 4-6 weeks before your planned move date.

While you might not have a specific date, at this point, you’ll have an estimation of the completion timeline.

Book early and save money

What is the minimum amount of notice period that removal companies need? The answer is as long as you can! In most instances, contacting the removal company as soon as possible is likely to result in a less high price. The more organized you will be when planning your moving day, the more money you’ll save on the day of your move.

Australia is a bustling market that sees thousands of homes moving daily. Prices, like most things in Australia, are slightly higher, too. If you secure an affordable rate, you’ll make your move much more relaxing and cheaper.

Why is scheduling your move in advance always better?

One thing is certain: making a move earlier is always more beneficial to you, the consumer. The main benefits of having your move scheduled early enough are:

Get your preferred date for moving confirmed and booked early. So, you can focus on the other moving elements, for example, packing up your house.

You’ll find premium removalists Sydney who know how to provide the highest quality relocation service;

You’ll be able to get a better price when you book your move since some moving companies are prepared to reward their customers who are proactive with discounts when they book early.

You’ll have a greater range of movers to select from. This will give you a stronger base to locate the professional service required for moving.

Booking a removal company early will mean significantly lesser stress! Don’t put off the process of booking a moving company for too long, or else you could miss your first and only chance to employ the best moving professionals.

In the summertime, certain moving firms are forced to employ temporary workers with little or no prior experience with moving. 

Removal companies booked up in advance during busy periods

Suppose you move during the middle of a busy season, such as the summer, school holidays, the last day of the month, or on Fridays. In that case, you should immediately contact affordable removalists Adelaide. The times are busy, and booking in advance will increase the likelihood of securing a great cost and availability with the removalist of your choice.

The disadvantages of booking late

If you’re planning to relocate to a new home, then hiring a removal service at the last minute will likely result in only a few options you can hire due to the over-booking. And not only that, if something goes wrong, or if there were any modifications made that could be difficult for the business to accommodate the changes.

What do you do if you are moving home but the removals company is already full? This might not be an issue when choosing a well-known and trustworthy business. If they’re fully booked, it’s worth looking up their competitors and asking for recommendations in a similar situation.

The benefits of booking a local company

Finding local removalists near me is a great option, particularly when you’ve checked their reviews and reputation. Local businesses typically have a lower turnover of employees, so they’ll most likely have more skilled employees employed by their clients. In addition, transportation costs will be lower since the company will not need to shell out the same amount on fuel hiring local van and man services.

They’ll also know the area like the back of their fingers. If you’re planning to move somewhere new, it’s worth checking through Google Maps to see if your route is most practical, making your life easier and saving cash. 

Best time to schedule a move

If you’re thinking about what time to plan your move, you need to know that the ideal time to plan it is the one that works best for you. Some busy times are not so busy in the moving industry, and you’ll find many tips on reducing costs when choosing an appropriate date to move. This is fine; however, when those dates and times do not match your schedule, they don’t necessarily matter.

Of course, you can decide on the date you want to leave. If this is the situation, make the most of this unique chance to cut down on the cost of moving and relocate to a new home at a lower cost. Planning your move could give you an advantage or even a price reduction. However, selecting the right day for your move will allow you to save the money you’ve earned.

What is the best way to select a suitable move date?

Consider the following tips.

  • Select a date that falls within the season of slowness for the industry of moving – from September to May
  • Be sure to plan your move for the first and last days of the month. This is when most leases are in the beginning and end.
  • Avoid scheduling your move during national holidays.
  • Make sure you are away from Fridays – they are known as the busiest days of the week in the field of relocation.


Moving home is an emotional time for most people, so it’s crucial to be prepared and reserve the removal service you want to use ahead of time. Many best removalists Ballarat will fill their schedules quickly, which means you’ll be waiting longer if you do not book earlier. Always contact the company before your move date and inquire about their availability. If all slots get filled, ensure that you check back regularly until you can find an opening that meets your needs.

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