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The Best Neighborhoods in Austin for Families

Migrating to a new city needs a lot of preparation to cope with several challenges and people who relocate to a new city for higher studies or jobs should know the same. Austin is one of the most popular cities in Texas and this city offers several residential properties for families. Residents of this city prefer a calm atmosphere along with some picturesque views as well. There are several of the best neighborhoods in Austin that you can consider in this regard, if you are looking at settling down to a wonderful new life here. 

Best Neighborhoods in Austin for Families

Austin is one of the most-developed cities in Texas in the United States of America. Most local people prefer to reside in this city due to the several amenities nearby. The cost of living is comparatively lower than in the other cities of Texas. This city draws more people from more expensive ones, while offering several job opportunities in turn.  Different kinds of facilities are available for people in this city. This city offers several apartments for people to reside in. Different kinds of properties are available for rent or sale within the city of Austin. The best neighborhoods in Austin contain several serviced apartments and other accommodation options for those new to the city. 

Here’s taking a closer look at the same: 

1. Cherrywood

The ambience of this neighborhood is quite calm and serene. Local people and visitors explore several tourist attractions near the city of Austin within this area of Cherrywood. Several parks and gardens are situated within Cherrywood. This place is quite ideal for single families and numerous educational institutions are located nearby as well. These institutions are located within walking distance of some and few people drive to reach these educational institutions. 

The University of Texas is one of the best educational institutions here and most students attend this university to complete their higher education. Several properties are available within this area and you can find corporate or family residences alike. Families mostly consider this area as one of the best neighborhoods in Austin. 

2. Rollingwood

Several residential properties exist within this area of Rollingwood and most people find it easy to reside here. The cost per square foot area of this zone is almost $700 and this is quite reasonable for many buyers. The residential properties of this area come with several kinds of amenities. Residential properties in this area also include short term rentals in Austin. Swimming pools and parks come with some residential properties and they are mostly priced higher than their regular counterparts. Some schools are situated close to the Rollingwood area and there are parks nearby as well. This is one of the best neighborhoods in Austin for families with children. It offers a calm and serene atmosphere overall for residents. 

3. Brentwood

While costs of properties were quite reasonable here in Brentwood, the post-pandemic scenario is different. With high demand, prices haave also increased steadily throughout the area. The price range is anywhere between $300000 and $650000. Most local families love this area as several trees and greenery surround it. This is another aspect contributing towards the area’s appeal as the best neighborhood in Austin. This area has a park where families come with their children to play and stay active in the community. Most locals call this the best neighborhood in Austin.

4. Allandale  

This place is superb for families who are interested in arts and technology. Several schools are near Allandale and an art school is also located in close proximity to the neighborhood. Several grocery stores and shopping centres are located here, along with various restaurants as well. Multiple parks exist in the locality, making it easier for families to play with their children and also walk their dogs in the afternoons, mornings, and evenings. The streets of this area are clean and well-maintained and local people feel safe during the night. Some families find this place to be the best neighborhood in Austin. This area is far away from the city and it is peaceful and tranquil as a result. 

These are some of the best neighborhoods in Austin as per locals and visitors alike. You should take a look at accommodation options in these areas before making your decision. 

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