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The Best Carnivorous Delights From Mexico

When you think about Mexican food, what foods come to mind? For some people, tacos and burritos are on their list. Others might think of carne asada or enchiladas. Still others may think of tamales and quesadillas, which can be found in many parts of the country. All these dishes have a one thing in common: they’re all meat-based!

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What is Carniceria?

Carniceria is a type of restaurant that specializes in meat dishes. The term is derived from the Spanish word “carne,” meaning flesh. Carniceria restaurants are typically small and unpretentious, with walls covered in memorabilia from the restaurants’ namesake meats.

The menu at a carniceria typically focuses on carne asada (charcoal-grilled meat), pollo asado (roasted chicken), picadillo (ground beef and onions), barbacoa (barbecue pulled pork), and chuleta de cerdo (pork chops). Most carniceria restaurants also offer tacos, tortas, quesadillas, empanadas, sopes, and burritos. Some may also offer tamales or enchiladas. Beverages include coffee, agua mineral, Coca Cola products, Mate tea, and horchata.

There are many different types of carniceria restaurants throughout Mexico. The most well-known are in Mexico City and San Antonio del Valle in Guanajuato state. There are also numerous small carniceria restaurants located throughout Jalisco state, Michoacan state, Guerrero state, Oaxaca state, Puebla state, Veracruz state and Yucatan state.

The History of Carniceria

The history of Carniceria is a long and intriguing one. From ancient times, meat has been an important part of the diet in many parts of the world. And nowhere is this more evident than in Mexico, where Carniceria (meat-centered restaurants) have been around for centuries.

Carniceria originated in Mexico City in the early 1900s, when food carts began selling fresh carnitas (pork butt) and chorizo sandwiches. The popularity of these small businesses quickly spread throughout the city and eventually beyond, as Mexican immigrants emigrated to other parts of the world and brought their love of Carniceria with them.

Today, Carniceria continue to be popular eating establishments all over Mexico. In fact, some argue that they are even more popular than tacos! There are dozens of famous Carniceria throughout the country, each with its own unique flavor and menu items. Whether you’re looking for traditional carnitas or something a little more exotic, there’s sure to be a restaurant near you that will fulfill your carnivorous desires!

Why Eat at a Carniceria?

When it comes to carnivorous delights, Mexico is hard to beat. From the fiery chiles at a carniceria to the tender meat of carne asada, there’s something for everyone in this Latin American country. Here are some of the best Carnivorous Delights From Mexico:

1. Chiles Rellenos: These little peppers are stuffed with meat and then deep-fried, giving them their distinctive, crispy texture. They’re perfect for stuffing into a taco or burrito, or simply eating straight out of the fryer with a side of salsa.

2. Carne Asada: This dish is made from thinly sliced skirt steak that’s marinated in spices and then grilled over an open flame. It can be eaten plain or with Chimichurri sauce, which is a mixture of parsley, garlic, olive oil and vinegar.

3. Puerco Enchiladas: These soft dough squares are filled with pork and then covered in a cheese sauce before being baked until they’re gooey and delicious. Puerco (or cabrito) is a type of young pig that’s usually very inexpensive and quite flavoursome.

4. Caldo de Res: This soup incorporates chunks of chicken cooked in a broth made from beef bones and vegetables simmered for hours on end. The resulting soup is hearty but also intensely flavourful, perfect for cold winter days when you want something filling but not heavy.

Types of Mexican Carns

There are many types of Mexican carns, all with their own unique flavors and textures. Here are four of our favorites:

1. Chalupa Carn

The Chalupa Carn is a popular street food in Mexico City. It’s made from a doughy disc filled with ground beef, onions, tomato sauce, and chilies. It’s then deep-fried and served with sour cream and salsa.

2. Chorizo Carn

The chorizo carn is similarly composed but features chunks of spicy pork sausage instead of ground beef. It’s often served wrapped in a layer of masa harina (a corn flour tortilla) or rolled up in a leafy green herb such as cilantro.

3. Barbacoa Carn

Barbacoa is the Spanish word for “beef brisket.” In Mexico, it’s often braised slowly over low heat until incredibly tender, then shredded into bite-sized pieces and served on a bed of rice or beans.

4. Tacos de Camarón (Tuna Tacos)

Tacos de camarón are tacos made from fresh tuna steaks that have been battered and fried until they’re crispy and golden brown. They’re then simmered in a lemon-lime marinade before being wrapped in soft tortillas and served with your choice of toppings such as avocado, cilantro, or salsa roja (red sauce).

Favorites in Mexico

Mexico is known for its diverse cuisine and the many different types of meat that are available to eat. From tacos to burritos, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Mexico. Here are some of our favorite carnivorous delights from Mexico:

1. Taco de cabeza (Taco Head): This taco is made with a braised head of beef, and it’s one of the most popular dishes in Mexico. It’s served with rice, beans, and avocado cubes on a soft tortilla.

2. Chicharrón de cabeza (Head Cheese Taco): This taco is made with deep-fried pork skin that has been filled with ground beef and spices. It’s then served with rice, beans, and avocado cubes on a soft tortilla.

3. Barbacoa de cabeza (Beef Head Taco): This taco is made with slow-cooked beef cheeks that have been marinated in spices and then grilled or barbecued. It’s served with rice, beans, and avocado cubes on a soft tortilla.

4. Pollo asado al burno (Grilled Chicken Wings): These chicken wings are coated in a special seasonings and then grilled to perfection. They’re perfect for any game day party or get-together!

5. Carne asada al carbón (Grilled Steak): This steak is cooked over an open flame and is one of the most popular dishes on the menu at Mexican restaurants. It’s served with rice, beans, and avocado cubes on a soft tortilla.

6. Menudo de gallina (Chicken Menudo): This soup is made from shredded chicken meat that has been simmered in a broth with different types of lentils and vegetables. It’s served with a side of tortilla chips for dipping.

7. Churros: These yummy doughnuts are dipped in an hot sugar syrup and then fried to perfection. They’re perfect for any sweet tooth!


Carnivorous delights from Mexico are some of the most tantalizing and mind-blowing dishes you will ever experience. Whether it’s a taste for human flesh or just a love of all things carnal, these restaurants offer up some of the most unique and unforgettable meals you’ll ever put in your mouth. From tongue to tail, there is something for everyone on this list, so be sure to check them out when you’re next in Mexico City or another Carnivorous delight destination!

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