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The Best Camping Lighters To Keep It Lit In The Great Outdoors

Backpacking over 6,000 miles, climbing to 20,000 feet, and guiding people into the depths of Alaska’s wilderness are some of the experiences that I have had. Obviously, I wouldn’t be here to tell you which camping lighters are the best of the best if I didn’t carry a fire source with me. Fire is one of the most important ten life-sustaining essentials that every person needs in order to survive.  It is highly recommended that every time you venture into the outdoors-whether for an hour or overnight-you carry the 10 essential items, including some means of starting a fire, with you. There are so many things that fire can provide you while you are recreation in the outdoors, from keeping you warm to heating your food, to signaling an emergency and just enjoying a great time around the campfire. 

Due to the wide range of fire-starting options available, it can be difficult to decide which are the best camping lighters and what they are best used for. From the ubiquitous Bic and Zippo to more niche tools like ferrocerium (ferro) rods, magnesium, and mini torches, there are a number of ways to start something on fire, including the ubiquitous Bic and Zippo. There are numerous options available to you when it comes to making fire, but in order to increase your chances of success, it is important to match the lighter to the application for which it is best suited. 

You will find a lighter to fit your needs whether you are camping in the backyard or in the backwoods, and we have put the effort into testing and research so you don’t have to. Here are our top picks for the best camping lighters you can find on the market today.

Soto Pocket Torch XT

As a manufacturer of innovative flaming devices, Soto has been making camping stoves and other camping gear since 1978. It is well-known for its innovative flaming devices, which are based in Japan. In its Pocket Torch XT lighter, the company has been able to check off nearly all of the boxes for a perfect camping lighter. The reliability of the lighters in this article was my top criterion when rating them in this article.  As long as they didn’t light up each time they were activated, they didn’t make the cut. As a result of its excellent build quality, this butane torch lighter is very reliable in its ability to light up, and I can confidently say that it is an all-weather lighter.

Despite the fact that butane jet lighters with piezo ignition aren’t generally considered to be the most reliable category of lighter, the Pocket Torch XT still takes the top spot due to its extremely high build quality and reliable ignition.


  • In adverse weather conditions, butane jet flames are reliable and windproof
  • Using the innovative telescoping burner head, you are able to keep your hands away from the flame at all times
  • Designed and manufactured by Soto, one of the most reputable manufacturers of camp stoves in the world
  • The customer service provided by this company is excellent.


  • It may not be possible to light it in extreme cold or above 5,000 feet in elevation

MK Lighter Outdoor Series Lantern

Founded in 2011, MK Lighter is a California-based company that manufactures top-notch, affordable lighters. With that being said, it is fair to state that the MK Lighter Outdoor Series Lantern is the most reliable and earns the award for the best budget lighter.

Despite the fact that the Outdoor Series Lantern looks just like a Bic and is just as easy to use as a Bic, it has the advantage of a windproof flame reminiscent of a torch. When I click the piezo switch on MK’s Lantern (or Navigator), it spits out a nice blue, pressurized flame whenever I press the piezo switch on it.

In MK’s outdoor series, there are several lighters available and all of them have really nice color and image themes that give a nice camping vibe to them.


  • The price is incredible for what you get
  • Innovative, value-priced lighters are gaining a reputation for MK
  • In adverse weather conditions, the butane jet flame is reliable
  • Outdoor-themed designs that are appealing


  • It may not light in extreme cold or at elevations above 5,000 feet

Zippo Windproof Lighter

Zippo lighters gained widespread popularity during the 1930s when they were first introduced. As a result of their design, they had issues with their lighter fluid evaporating faster than most, so they lost popularity as Bic and other companies began to craft more reliable lighters as a result of their superior performance.

In addition to the lighter fluid, this Zippo Windproof Lighter also allows you to replace the wick and flint in addition to the lighter fluid. It is true that these extra parts are sold separately, but it is convenient if you notice that the reliability of the lighter is decreasing after a while. There is also a specific lighter fluid that is used in Zippo lighters.


  • Extra power and control are provided by an innovative design.
  • Long-term use is ensured by its refillable lighter capacity.
  • No matter what the weather is like, this light is wind-resistant.


  • There is no appropriate lighter included for immediate use.

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