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The American market needs to distance itself from quartz watches!

The Quartz Revolution changed the watch industry forever. Digital quartz timekeeping was more accurate and cheaper to produce than its mechanical counterpart. This made quartz watches the logical choice for marketers looking to appeal to a broad audience of consumers. But as quartz continues to grow in popularity among consumers, particularly in the American market, this emphasis on cheap digital timepieces undermines their actual value and stunts their potential growth as luxury goods. The constant barrage of low-end products and superfluous marketing efforts is putting a strain on the higher end producers of luxury watches. This article explores the negative impact quartz watches have on the industry, as well as why America needs to separate itself from them if it wants to grow its luxury watch sector again.

Why America Needs to Distance Itself from Quartz

The luxury watch market is constantly changing, but some trends have remained consistent throughout the decades. One of the most notable of these is the preference for mechanical over quartz watches. Quartz is the dominant watch movement in the world, but it has failed to gain a significant foothold in the American market. No matter how you look at it, quartz watches are a product for the masses. They’re cheap and easy to produce, which makes them extremely accessible. The major problem with quartz watches is that they require no skill to create them. So, the more you make, the cheaper each one becomes. This is why the quartz watch market is so saturated.

Quartz watches are Mass-Produced And Mass-Marketed

The mass production of quartz watches has created a number of problems in the watch industry, but one of the most apparent is the commoditization of the quartz watch. This isn’t unique to quartz watches — it can be applied to almost any product. The difference is that most products are produced in smaller quantities or focus on craftsmanship and quality. Quartz watches, however, are produced in such high quantities that they’re sold at a price that’s much lower than their actual value. The problem with this strategy is that once you set the price of your product below a certain threshold, it becomes more difficult to sell a luxury product.

Luxury watches with mechanical movements are differentiated from quartz watches based on their build quality, materials, and design. The problem with quartz watches is that they don’t account for any of these things. Overall, quartz watches are mass-marketed to appeal to the broadest audience possible. This, in turn, commoditized the quartz watch and made it difficult for serious watch enthusiasts to take them seriously.

Consumers are confused about the value of quartz watches

The constant push toward quartz watches as the superior timekeeping option has created a misconception about the relative value of quartz watches as compared to mechanical ones. Quartz watches are generally cheaper than mechanical watches, so consumers who don’t understand the difference between these two types of timepieces might assume that quartz watches are a better value.

There’s a fine line between advertising your product as the superior timekeeping option and misleading consumers into believing that one type of watch is better than the other. Consumers are generally aware that quartz watches are more accurate than mechanical watches. But they don’t understand the difference between a high-quality quartz watch and a cheap quartz watch. The problem is that the majority of quartz watches are being advertised as superior timepieces, but they are actually low-quality products. As a result, consumers are confused about the value of quartz watches. They believe that quartz is the superior option because it’s advertised as such.

Why We Should Care About the Luxury Watch Market

While quartz watches make up the majority of the watch industry, mechanical watches still have a significant presence at the top-end. And while they make up a comparatively small portion of the watch market, they still have an enormous impact on the watch industry as a whole. The luxury watch market is an indicator of the health of the watch market as a whole. It’s true that the average watch shopper probably doesn’t know about the difference between quartz and mechanical watches. The fact that there are still so many mechanical watches at the high end of the market is a good sign for the watch industry on the whole.

Mechanical timepieces from Tufina

Tufina’s luxury men’s watches are all put together by experienced artisans in Germany and are produced in accordance with German laws and regulations. They are fashioned with high-grade materials and components that are sure to endure forever. Their two representative collections – Theorema and Pionier – were launched and licensed in Munich in 2004. They encompass a broad range of styles, ranging from casual and informal to sophisticated and classic. Each watch is constructed with outstanding craftsmanship so it can look stunning on any person that wears it!

These exquisite mechanical watches for men are created in small numbers, with exclusive designs. So, you can rest assured that they will deliver the excellence that comes with meticulously handcrafted timepieces, instead of mass-manufactured products. The cases are manufactured of stainless steel and boast scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass displays to ensure long-lasting functionality. The straps are made from genuine cow leather which guarantees comfort and a nice fit. Additionally, these stunning mechanical watches come with an extravagant gift box.

Key Point about Chrono24

Chrono24 is a leading online marketplace for luxury watches with over 1.5 million registered users worldwide. The 118m Series investment by General Atlantic, a leading global growth equity firm, will support Chrono24’s continued growth and global expansion efforts, check the more details about Chrono24 118m Series General Atlantic. The investment will help Chrono24 enhance its platform and technology capabilities, as well as expand its offerings to meet the growing demand for luxury watches.

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