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Ten Things to Do While Movers Are Moving

If you live in a larger home, packing may take longer. For a stress-free move, learn how to pack and label.

For a stress-free move, pack early. While the movers are moving boxes, you can do other things to ease the transition.

Moving tips are below.

Don’t Surprise Movers

While movers are happy to help you move, wait to buy new stuff the day before.

Refrain from surprising your movers with a jacuzzi or freestanding bath.

Notify them in advance so they can prepare.

They may need extra equipment to move heavy items.

Serve Drinks

Offer refreshments to the movers.

Moving can be tedious if you have lots of heavy stuff at home.

The movers and packers in Dubai will likely sweat after lifting heavy appliances.

Please give them a snack or cold drink to refuel.

Don’t Order Them

Some homeowners worry that the movers will need to handle their stuff better.

Movers know what they’re doing.

They’re experienced movers and packers in Dubai.

They’re good with fragile things.

As a homeowner, pack and label your belongings carefully to help movers and avoid other issues.

Store Valuables in Your Car

Take jewelry and artwork in the car.

Let your movers do the heavy lifting and take your jewelry or other items like smaller electronics.

Also, some trucks will only allow flammable or perishable items.

For a smooth move, discuss restrictions with your movers and follow instructions.

Don’t Let Kids or Pets Near Movers

Keep your kids away from the movers as much as possible.

Pets need this too. If it’s not possible, put your pets in an empty room with the door closed.

Make sure they have enough food, water, and toys.

Keep your kids out of the way if they need to stay with you.

Kids behave better with smartphones, iPad, toys, food, or board games.

You can also have someone take them to a nearby park while the boxes are loaded.


Even the best packers miss some items.

To make sure you didn’t leave anything, check each room.

Check your medicine cabinet, kitchen drawers, attic, and dishwasher.

Before the movers arrive, empty the fridge.

They can’t pack leftovers, so take them with you or throw them away.

Check your old home again to ensure all the windows are closed and the lights are off.


Ask a relative to clean your new home while the movers load and unload your belongings.

Sweep the floors and remove unwanted items.

To ensure everything is ready, do this a day before moving.

Prepare your old home for new buyers by doing this.

Clean each room as the movers empty it if this isn’t possible before moving day.

When the moving truck arrives, your old home will be clean. This saves money and time.

Ensure Easy Access for Movers

If you live in a building, show your movers where to park the moving truck and how to get into your apartment.

To avoid delays, you should be able to arrange everything.

Make sure to work out parking restrictions with the building manager for a smooth move.

Let the movers in and out easily.

Don’t Interrupt

Just let the movers do their thing. They can move each box without you.

For the movers’ convenience and to protect fragile items, label all boxes.

Don’t Abandon Your Movers

You shouldn’t leave the site and wait for the movers in your new home, but you should let them do their job.

You may need to answer other questions. Someone must resolve issues.

Ask a family member to stay in your old home if you can’t be there.

It ensures a smooth move.

Get Paid

If you’re paying with a credit or debit card, you’ll likely give it when you book your move.

Make sure you have enough cash for your move if you’re paying cash.

It takes time to get to the bank to withdraw money.

Ask how much it would cost to move all your belongings, but ensure you have the extra money if you go over the estimate.

To show your gratitude, you may tip your movers.

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