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Ten Awesome Local SEO Tips For Small Businesses

Leverage local SEO to promote your business and appear on the first page. Most consumers rely on the internet to find local businesses, however, the majority of people do not get past the top five listings. In this hyper-competitive space, local businesses have to be at the top of search engine rankings to draw consumers and increase in-store purchases.

It is quite normal for business owners to get confused with tech jargon and not know what to do. Simply follow the 10 awesome tips to optimize your website for local business SEO services.

Keyword Research & Integration

It is one of the crucial steps to uptick in ranking within a short time. Spare time to perform keyword research and identify the search terms that the target audience is searching for to find relevant businesses. There are plenty of keyword research tools to use or hire an SEO expert to get the job done right.

Fix Technical SEO Foundation

Fixing a technical SEO foundation improves your organic search engine ranking. It requires the site owner to keep a check on images, speed of the website, quality of content, plugins, URL structure, site architecture, 404 pages, and other aspects of the website. It is best to hire an SEO audit specialist to fix the technical SEO foundation.

Create an Account on All Business Directories

For a successful local SEO strategy, create an account on GMB to help local searchers find your business easily. Moreover, claim other popular business directories like Yelp, Bing, YellowPages, and Facebook for a significant SEO boost.

Improve the Page Loading Speed

With so many businesses competing for consumers’ attention, people do not wait long for the page to load. As per several studies, if it takes over two seconds to load pages, there will be a significant decline in page views and ultimately, conversions.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

A majority of people use cellular phones to search for local businesses. Therefore, make your website load faster on mobile, the content should be readable on the small screen, and use a plugin to make it thumb-tapping friendly.

On-Page SEO

It is time to put the keyword research to work by integrating the targeted keywords in the content and title tag. Besides, write a meta description, include the targeted keywords in headings, optimize images, and make URLs shorter.

Backlinks from popular websites will increase traffic and conversions. Moreover, it will make your site appear more authoritative to Google. Ask for assistance from SEO agencies to get high-quality SEO backlinks.

Encourage Customers to Give Reviews

Positive reviews are a game-changer for any business. Email customers or leave hand-written notes in the order to encourage them to leave a good review. It will not only build trust but improve ranking as well.

Content Marketing

Use social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to market your business. Partner with local businesses to drive traffic to your site. Moreover, create compelling video content to boost viewer engagement.

Measure Results Regularly

Not all SEO tactics deliver instant results. It takes a few months to gradually climb up in search rankings despite following all SEO practices. Measure results, plan improvements, and stay updated on the latest SEO changes that boost rankings.

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