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Temporary Tattoos: The Fun, Creative and Safe Body Art Trend

Temporary tattoos offer all the artistic flair and self-expression of permanent ink without the lifetime commitment. These playful products allow you to switch up your look as often as you change your clothes. Read on for a guide to rocking this iconic body art trend.

A Brief History

Temporary tattoos originated in the 1800s and were popularized by circuses, carnivals and the military. They consisted of designs printed with vegetable dyes that faded in weeks. Decades later, advances made custom designs and realistic effects possible. Now temporary tats are a mainstream trend with endless artistic possibilities.

Choosing Your Designs

One of the best parts of temporary tats is you can wear literally any design or style that strikes your fancy. Opt for classic motifs like skulls, anchors or feathered wings. Show your fandom with music, movie or pop culture character ink. Go for pretty patterns, phrases or floral motifs. Many companies offer pre-made or custom temporary tattoos that can feature anything you desire.

Application Techniques

It’s important to apply temporary tattoos properly so they last as long as possible. Start by cleaning and exfoliating skin, which helps ink adhere best. Carefully remove the plastic layer and place the design face down on skin. Use a damp cloth to press firmly on the back for 30 seconds. Slowly remove the paper backing, starting at one corner, revealing your fresh ink. Finish by gently patting any excess moisture.

Custom Creations

If you want to get extra creative, look for temporary tattoo kits that allow you to easily design and apply custom body art. These include stencils, applicator tools and inks that mimic real tattoo effects. Use stencils or freehand your own motifs. It’s an awesome way to let your inner artist shine!

Perfect for Parties

Temporary tattoos make great party favors or event activities. Offer a spread of your guests’ favorite tattoos as they arrive. During the party, set up a temporary tattoo station and recruit an artistic friend to freehand ink on guests. It’s a fun way for your crew to get in on the temporary tattoo action.

Festival Must-Haves

When headed to concerts or festivals, temporary tattoos are festival must-haves. Show your excitement for the event by recreating the lineup poster or logo as body art. Display your fan status for the headliner with their name, lyrics or imagery. Festival tats are also easy conversation starters with fellow fans.

A Safer Alternative

Unlike permanent tattoos, there are no health risks associated with temporary tats. They can be easily removed with baby oil or makeup remover. Temporary ink provides all the artistic enjoyment without permanent effects on skin or needing to factor in future lifestyle choices.

With countless designs to choose from, the artistic possibilities are endless with temporary tattoos. Embrace self-expression and creativity with this iconic body art delivered via ink that doesn’t last forever.

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