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Taking Care Of Your Hair In Summers

Caring for your hair in the months of summer is very important as this helps to protect your hair from the sun, the heat, humidity, exposure to chlorine and saltwaters. Here are some tips to help you maintain healthy and vibrant hair during the summer:Here are some tips to help you maintain healthy and vibrant hair during the summer:

1. Hydration:

Similarly to your skin which really needs hydration as a balm for its health, so does your hair is the warmth which actually gives the health of your hair shade. The hydration from the inside is just as important for our body as well as for healthy hair so drink plenty of water to nourish both of them. As a result of water loss, hair will be super dry and brittle. It is also likely to break.

2. Protect from UV Rays:

A lot of sunbathing ruins your hair, making it fall off, dry, frizzed, and uncoloured. Consider the protection of your hair against the UV rays by a wide-brimmed hat or through hair products with UV filters. To whatever it may concern, you can also put on a leave-in conditioner or hair serum with SPF protection to add more defense on your hair from the bad effects of the sun. You can also consult a Skin Specialist in Rawalpindi for further advice.

3. Use a Swim Cap:

Powders from pools and saltwater from the ocean put your hair in a bad condition as they deprive it from its innate oils. The best way for you to conserve your hair strands is by donning a swimming cap. This creates a shell between your hair and the water. Next swimming, rinse your hair with fresh water to remove chlorine and salt when you are done swimming. Then, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to make hair smooth and shiny and feathers.

4. Deep Conditioning Treatments:

Summer heat and humidity can take away moisture leaving your hair feeling like it has been dried out and is very frizzy looking. One way of maintaining hydration in your hair is adding deep conditioner treatments to your routine in order to provide the nutrients needed to restore your curls to their original form along with the elasticity needed to maintain curls that do not fall apart. Search for hydrating masks or deep-conditioning treatments which have ingredients like coconut and butter as ingredients among the others.

5. Limit Heat Styling:

Using heat styling implements such as blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons must be minimized in the summer season. Extreme heat potentially causes the hair to become stiffer, which might result in loss of shiver due to damage and breaking. Take the opportunity to air-dry or style your hair with heat-free methods like braiding, buns, or natural waves as an alternative to heat designing.

6. Protective Hairstyles:

Besides the use of protective hairstyles like braids, buns or ponytails, you should consider the fact that exposure to the sun will definitely cause damage to your hair and therefore, they might break; in this case, if you spend more time outdoors staying under the sunlight, this means that the damage will be worse. Opt for hairstyles that ensure your hair stays away from your neck and the back of your head because humidity and excess sweat will get your clammy.

7. Trim Regularly:

Trims are an essential for maintaining one’s hair wellness, more particularly during the summer when hair chances to be very dry and odds of split ends increasing. Make a habit of visiting your hairdresser to reduce any presence of dingy or split ends to give your hair a neat look and feel.

8. Use a Clarifying Shampoo:

Excess from sweat, sunscreen, and non-natural products such as styling products can bestow a heavy feeling on your hair and a murky and exhausted look hence, it denies it its luster. Make sure you use a clarifying shampoo on a weekly basis to get rid of the product build up and impurities ensuring your hair is clean, fresh, and ready to go for styling the next day.

9. Avoid Tight Hairstyles:

Similar to that, hairstyles that are tight, for example, ponytails, buns, or braids, can pull hair follicles resulting in breakage and loss of hair. Such phenomena is highly probable during the summertime when the sun’s heat is present. Hair doesn’t engage in more traction if they sweep your hair to the side.

10. Maintain a Healthy Diet:

The diet should be balanced and eating vitamins, minerals and antioxidants rich foods are vital for a good hair growth and maintenance. Among foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and essential healthy fats that are beneficial, include them in your diet to ensure great health from within your hair. A Best Skin Specialist in Lahore can guide you better so do consult them if needed.

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