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Tactics to Revolutionize Your Tutoring Business Marketing Strategy

Education is the most lucrative business sector with one of the highest ROIs. Globally, the online education market offers ample opportunities today. You are definitely a good teacher who delivers knowledge to the students, but you also need to be an excellent marketer to drive traffic to your business. When it comes to starting a tutoring business, learn some tactics to revolutionize your tutoring business marketing strategy and implement the best practices.

Every business relies on marketing to succeed. Especially, when you’re operating in an online marketplace you must know how to reach wider audiences digitally. Whether you’re a private tutor or launching your own tutoring business, the initial step to success is learning how to advertise your tutoring services. 

The Expectations of Families

Customers want their expectations to meet in order to feel satisfied with your services. Being aware of your customer’s expectations is essential for every type of business. In the tutoring business, we often think our competition is our direct competitors, which is correct ideally.

But parents these days are no longer comparing your skills to other teachers, instead they’re comparing your services to other online platforms, even giants like Amazon and Netflix. If grandparents can easily order groceries online, they should be able to access the platform for their grandchild’s online tuition as well. 

And this is what expectations parents have from online tutoring platforms. Across the board, families are harder to impress and please than ever and your tutoring business marketing strategy should reflect that you are trying hard to impress them. 

Improve Search Engine Strategy

Every online platform has three main elements. Depending on your short or long-term goals, you need to invest in at least one of them. 

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Online Reviews
  • SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a long play process many tutors don’t have the time and resources for. SEO strategy requires keyword search and implementation of title tags, meta description, on-page content, and in some cases a quality blog. Due to the results not as instantaneous as the investment, many tutors put SEO on the back burner. 

  • Pay Per Click

PPC is a powerful tool to revolutionize your tutoring business marketing strategy. It helps in generating more awareness and traffic for your business. If you’re not ranking well in Google and you don’t have enough time to invest in SEO strategy, you should consider opting for a paid ad strategy which will land your website name on the top page. 

  • Reviews

Online reviews are now considered your business’s first impression. And if you don’t have at least a four-star rating, you may not even earn a click-through to your website.

Build an Email Workflow

Covid Pandemic years have been the busiest years for education professionals. If you’re looking to save time in between your day-to-day tasks, email workflows are a great way to start. It is a set of emails that are sent automatically to the subscriber based on their contact information, preferences, or behavior. Email workflows work as a staple of a school’s inbound marketing strategy. You can set it and forget about it to revolutionize your tutoring business marketing strategy. There are a variety of uses for email workflows, including:

  • Welcome mails for newly enrolled students
  • Nurture prospects who recently enquired
  • Onboard new faculties and staff
  • Promote events
  • Remind members about upcoming events and deadlines

Invest In Meaningful Social Media Ads

Owning a tutoring business if you still haven’t invested in social media ads yet, now is the time. Your prospective students and families spend a lot of their time on social media. Hence this is the easiest way to grab their attention and build awareness of your tutoring business eventually increasing the enrollments.

Social media is a great way to revolutionize your tutoring business marketing strategy. You can easily diversify your reach with a variety of lists and campaigns. Consider investing in ads to build more awareness, increase conversions, and encourage re-enrollment.

Invest Some Time in Videos

Videos give a better engagement rate than any other form of content. Start taking tiny steps to integrate it into your tutoring business marketing strategy for your website, social media, and even email campaigns. Consider the following when starting with video marketing:

  • Start small and aim to post not more than one video in a week.
  • Follow the latest trends in Instagram reels and Snapchat stories.
  • Share testimonials from teachers and students.
  • Invest time in YouTube strategy for long videos.
  • Leverage the Livestream feature.

Equip Yourself With The Right Software

Staying aware of the demand is essential to know when planning to revolutionize your tutoring business marketing strategy. Invest in equipment with innovative features. Invest in second-to-none software, Picktime, and modernize the experience for every kind of user. Picktime is a cloud-based tutoring classes scheduling software. It’s designed to make your life stress-free so that you can make time for your students. 

With Picktime you’ll get a customizable booking page, a unique URL, and a book now widget for your website. Using Picktime you can schedule classes, meetings, and events for the students and parents. It can be accessed at multiple locations with 24/7 email support. Picktime reduces the time and effort you put into scheduling one-on-one or group meetings. It can be a perfect assistant to your torturing business. Without any extra installation, you can manage your team and student’s schedule all in one place in a few clicks.

With Picktime you’ll receive SMS & email reminders of the bookings, integrations with other business tools, attendance & waitlist, upfront payment option, real-time slot availability, resources management, detailed reports, and calendar sync. All you have to do is sync your calendar (Google/Apple/Outlook) with the Picktime calendar. The booking page is available in more than 20 languages. Sign up today for free and start using Picktime to revolutionize your tutoring business marketing strategy. 

Market Your Tutoring Business at High-Impact Locations

It’s a wise choice to decide on a location and advertise your business as much as possible, this will help you build more clientele and maximize your reach. Schools, community centers, coffee shops, public libraries, or shopping centers approach as many places as you can to revolutionize your tutoring business marketing strategy. 

It may seem like putting a lot of effort into setting up an online tutoring business. But it will be nothing to compare to the returns it promises in the end. Keep a note in mind that marketing is not always about advertising and promotions, it shows the best results when you add more value to users and their experiences.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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