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Sustainable Asset Management Solutions: The Leading E-Waste Management Company in Singapore

1. Corporate E-Waste Management Services

The process starts with the collection of e-waste from the client’s site to our recycling plant. Transportation modes vary, and there are options of using the client’s current available trucks or engaging with our logistics services. Upon arrival of the e-waste at our plant, a detailed inspection of the e-waste will be carried out to determine if they are still of reuse value or are to be deemed as waste and hazardous material. A weighing scale will also be implemented to weigh the total e-waste collected. This is to provide transparency in the revenue sharing, as clients are entitled to the revenue sharing upon successful processing of the e-waste. A compiled certificate of weight will be issued to clients as proof and data documentation. Clients with a huge amount of e-waste can send us their list of e-waste, and we will produce the certificate of weight and data documentation without having the e-waste sent to our plant if the client requests so.

The company offers corporate e-waste management services for companies in Singapore and across the globe. The company has served many MNCs and SMEs from various industries, including information technology, telecommunications, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, legal, and banking sectors. We have designed our system in a cost-effective manner to meet the company’s needs in managing their e-waste disposal. Our program includes e-waste collection, data destruction, detailed asset report, and recycling services. We aim to maximize the value of e-waste collected and provide revenue sharing to our clients on the reusable second-hand electronics.

2. Secure Product Destruction in Singapore

Any products that are to be reused or recycled are checked against a predefined list of items to be destroyed. This ensures no items are missed in the destruction process. Items that are to be reused are stored securely, and all other items are destroyed. Any revenue generated from the recycling of materials is reinvested into the process to reduce the cost for secure product destruction.

Whether you require an on-site solution or want to transport the products to our facility, our expertise in collection and transportation will provide you with a professional solution that minimizes risk and cost. With our experience and knowledge in logistics and supply chain, we’d warn against recycling or reusing products unless you are certain the destruction of data is even more cost-effectively achievable and benefits the environment.

Sensitive data might be stored on the products being destroyed. It is our priority to ensure this data is not accessible after the destruction process. IT-specific equipment such as hard drives, tapes, and other media storing data can be physically destroyed for complete data elimination. A certificate of destruction is issued on completion of the destruction process. Sustainable Asset Management Solutions assists clients by providing secure product destruction Singapore services, ensuring compliance with regulations while minimizing ecological impact through sustainable practices.

3. Sustainable Asset Management Solutions (SAMS): A Trusted Partner

With the increasing trend and use of IT equipment and new technology, the cycle of managing electronic assets for both corporations and consumers living in a fast-paced society would eventually result in a more cost-effective and greener solution. SAMS, being the leader in service and innovation continuity, is able to guide clients towards a solution with maximum benefits.

SAMS will work closely with your team to achieve the highest level of data security, track assets and service history, and provide environmental reports and certifications, giving a complete audit trail on the services provided. SAMS is the leading e-waste management company that helps create a safe and sustainable future by being the prominent solution provider of electronic waste management, data destruction, and IT asset disposition services. SAMS helps corporations and organizations avoid environmental and data security risks by providing secure and environmentally friendly management of used and obsolete electronics.

4. Benefits of Choosing SAMS for E-Waste Management

Our e-waste management service is designed with our clients’ convenience in mind. We will provide collection of the e-waste at your location of choice, be it from your office or home. Collection can be scheduled at any time on weekdays, in order to minimize disruption to your daily activities. Devices with sensitive data can have the hard disk removed and destroyed before the device is collected. We will also provide custom services not mentioned (e.g. move, packing and delivery of devices) upon request. With a history in IT asset management and extensive knowledge of computer hardware, we are familiar with the nature of e-waste and possess the technical know-how to handle the materials properly. Sustainable Asset Management Solutions (SAMS) offers clients a comprehensive e-waste management service with a host of benefits.

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