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Style Yourself Like A Hero With Expendables 4 Jackets

It is predicted that the cold season will be going to say hello soon. This means pulling out all your warm garments, but this time, upgrade your style by adding some of the eye-catching uppers. These days, one of the popular action movies has become the talk of the town that is “Expendables 4”. Aside from its impressive casting and scenes, this film has captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts with its jacket’s ideas and designs inspired by its characters.

Each outerwear demonstrates the power and a rebellious touch. So, if you are looking for some uppers with bold styles, then you can choose from the options that we will list in this article. We are about to discuss an overview of Expendables movies and some of the famous jackets from its 4th part. So keep reading.

Have A Look At Expendables Franchise

It is understandable that you are curious about the uppers and just want to dig into the popular options. But before jumping into that, first, let’s appreciate this action movie franchise. One of the pointers that grab the attention of the audience about Expendables is their casts. Since the first part, they have come up with some of the big names in the media industry, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham.

Secondly, these movies gained fame due to their captivating storylines, the remarkable sense of style of the actors, and their action sequences. But what makes the latest movie stand out from the previous ones are Expendables 4 Outfits. Each of them is designed while keeping the tiniest details in mind as well, as the attires are according to the personalities of the characters.

So, now let’s delve into the part you were waiting for the most. We will have a view of each character and their jackets below.

Explore Some Of The Eye-Catchy Pieces: The Expendables 4 Jackets

As much as this movie has captured the hearts of the fans, so does the appealing garments of the characters. Each jacket is made with so much consideration, and the fine quality showcases the skills of the manufacturers. These elements not only make the outfits look attractive but also demonstrate the strength and identity of the character. Additionally, these attires add an outstanding flavor to each scene. All these components make these jackets a must-have in the wardrobe.

So without more delay, let’s have a view of those famous attires.

Characters And Their Jackets

As we have discussed above, some of the popular actors, other than them, there are a few more that have become fan favorites. We are going to discuss each of them along with the features of their jackets below.

Jason Statham

One of the top favorite characters of the fans is Jason Statham. In this movie, he is known as Lee Christmas. Aside from his outstanding performance, he made his name as a knife expert. He was showcasing the character of a former Special Air Service (SAS) soldier.

What’s interesting about him is that he is usually on the receiving end of jokes from his partners. Other than that, he is famous for his loyalty, friendship and his outerwear. The Expendables 4 Jason Statham Leather Jacket is an alluring black hue, which is also a durable piece for winter. It offers an exquisite look and will help you steal the spotlight. With its zipper front and stylish detailing, it will add charm to your personality.

Andy Garcia

In the previous movies, there was a CIA agent who always supported the team in completing their mission.

This character was, in the past, played by Bruce Willis and Harrison Ford. But Expendables 4 is presented by Andy García. He is known by the name “Marsh” in this movie.

In the latest part, this character is seen while wearing a black polyester jacket, which is perfect for someone who is seeking a captivating casual upper. This outerwear will not only offer you a distinct look but also take care of your comfort.

Iko Uwais

If you admire the villain more than the hero, then you must love this character. In the fourth part, the Expendables’ official enemy will be presented by Iko Uwais. You will know him by the name of Suarto Rahmat. He is portrayed as the head of the organization of terrorists.

In this movie, you will see him always trying to smuggle nuclear weapons. He was a former soldier who was also pro at martial arts. Aside from his evil plan, people also love this character due to his killing outerwear. The Expendables 4 Iko Uwais Bomber Jacket will help you elevate your style with its lapel-styled collar, front button closure, and buttoned cuffs. So this winter, show your badass persona to the world.

Tony Jaa

One of the newcomers in the franchise of Expendables is Tony Jaa. He presented the character of Decha in the fourth part and grabbed the attention of the audience. He is portrayed as Barmey’s former associate, who helped the team in taking down the enemy. He gained fame due to his expertise in combat and martial arts.

Additionally, he is also pro at dealing with various weapons. Other than his fighting qualities, his outfit also catches the eyes of the viewers. The Expendables 4 Tony Jaa Vest is one of the great options to uplift the appearance of your outfit. This black garment is made up of parachute material and consists of a buttoned closure and stand-up collar. These details make this upper one of a kind.  

Megan Fox

Another new entry in Expendables 4 is the most beloved character by the audience, Megan Fox. She made her debut in the action movie by portraying the character of Gina. She is the love interest of Lee in the movie. In addition to that, she was also a part of action scenes and serves as a new leader of the team as well.

She presented an outstanding performance in the film, and her costume does justice to the character. The Expendables 4 Megan Fox Black Jacket is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. This bomber upper is a perfect example of class and style. It consists of a YKK zipper closure so that you can style it both ways. So, this winter, add this captivating outerwear to your outfit and steal the show.

Sylvester Stallone

We bet the last one is everyone’s favorite, Sylvester Stallone. He played the character of Barney Ross, who is the leader of the team. In the movie, he retired to direct his group of mercenaries in a huge clash to prevent the US’ potential conflict against Russia.

His strong character and fighting skills have made him one of the popular characters in the movies. Aside from that, fans are also crazy about his rebellious look, and the Expendables 4 Sylvester Stallone Leather Vest is one of the main elements of attraction. This black garment is both functional and stylish. So, if you are seeking a durable upper that can help you enhance your appearance, then go for this one.

All in all, these are a few of the appealing jackets that have won the hearts of millions of people. So, in the coming winter, if you want to look a little different and trendy, then get your hands on one of the above options. We bet you won’t regret it.


The cold weather is all about coffee and warm clothes. So, if you are not ready to battle the chilly season, then update your wardrobe with some new jackets. The craze of Expendables 4 has spread in the whole world. So why not try to style one of its characters? We have covered a few popular options above so you can get an idea. Now it’s your turn to pick the one which is according to your taste.

Lastly, each of them has its own uniqueness and offers a distinct look. So, go for the one which suits your personality. With these jackets, you will surely turn some heads this winter.

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