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Amazing Things You Never Knew About Metal Signs

Metal signs were amongst the best forms of branding and marketing. Due to its durability and sturdiness, it has been a popular material for creating characters.

However, in the last couple of years, outdoor decorative signs have notably increased popularity. This is likely due to the growing trend of traditional-looking characters among the millennial consumer base.

Metal Signs are Very Cost-Effective

Most people wrongly assume metal signage is expensive, but the reality is that it depends on the design and metal choice. For example, steel will be cheaper than aluminium.

When you compare the upfront cost and longevity of metal signs, the initial high price tag might seem okay. Unlike wood or plastics, metal signs last longer and need little to no upkeep.

So, when it comes to cost per impression, metal signs are extremely affordable. Long-lasting and durable, metal signs are a low-cost way to show your products off or advertise them to the public, whether you’re a business or an individual.

Metal Signs are Highly Customizable

Metal is durable and can be customized to any shape or design you want. Metal surfaces are available in many different colours and finishes, so it’s easy to find one that meets your needs. Plus, there are many designs to choose from.

If you have a competent sign company on board, you can order custom-made metal signs. You’ll have access to experienced welders and metalsmiths who know how to do the job, achieving the exact look you want. Your business will both stand out.

Elegance and High-End Looks

Metal signs are an eye-catching and elegant choice for making a statement about your business. Metal signs are the right choice if you want to create the perfect first impression on customers.

Metal signs offer a sleek, professional, expensive look and are more durable than other material choices, such as plastic or wood. It’s important to keep your metal sign clean & polished so it benefits from the shiny or matte finish you choose.

Metal signs can be illuminated.

If your signs are in place 24 hours a day, they can maximize your visibility and get the right message across. Another great thing about metal signs is that they have built-in lighting, so you don’t have to worry about them at night. You can place the lights on top of the character or position them behind to create a coloured effect around the metal pieces.

Signage Experts

The good news is that metal signs are also making a big comeback. Professional businesses that want to stand out have bespoke signs made of metal for the high street and beyond.

Outdoor Signs: Durable and Affordable

We often see metal signs made for the outdoors because they are durable and don’t require much maintenance. Several metals are appropriate for signage, from cast iron and steel to aluminium, copper and brass. A durable metal sign is an excellent way to market your business for years without regularly upgrading it.

There’s definitely some good news when you’re on a tight budget. Metalworks are quite affordable and will depend on what type of metal you want to use and how customized your design is. Though costs may be higher than those of plastic and wood, you must also factor in the longevity of metal.

Customizing Your Metal Sign

Metals are all shapes and sizes, some heavier than others, some malleable and receptive to moulding and shaping. That’s why Technical Signs can make the metal sign you need – whether it needs to be heavy-duty or made from a thinner material.

You can use a signage company to help you with this. They provide plenty of services to choose from, and the work they do will be original & eye-catching. The ‘Always Open’ signs are also lit up! Your business will still always be visible, even at night time.

Having a metal sign gives your business an edge at the higher end of the market. It is also unique, setting you apart from other places on high streets.


Few materials are more durable outdoors than metal. Plastic often starts to fade, break, and crumble after a few years. While metal lasts for decades when coated with powder, it keeps the weather away.

Durable is the word for metal signs. They can resist any weather, from extreme hot to extreme cold. Metal signs are powder coated, meaning they’re water and snow-resistant.

Powder coating is a type of finish thicker and stronger than paint, so metal signs are less likely to chip, crack or fade with time. High quality and low maintenance are the best rates with a custom metal business sign.

Almost all you’ll need to do is wipe up dirt and debris from time to time, but that’s pretty easy and doesn’t take away any of the durability of your design.


Metal signs are ideal for outdoor use and can also be used to create a stylish and aesthetically pleasing indoor display. This material, from dentist’s offices to churches, is perfect for creating a memorable and beautiful first impression.

You can get multicoloured LED lights as an upgrade for your metal sign, providing a beautiful & easy-to-see glow. Plus, they make great advertising even at night!

Metal signage also has many uses, not just for international businesses but for small-time and personal benefits. They look great on the exterior of homes, onto moving trucks and in the garage. They are perfect for internationally renowned companies as well.
Metal signs offer a range of metals from stainless steel to brass, copper, corten or aluminium. These options provide flexibility on weight and price. If you need colourful signage, look for a provider that also offers products in different colours. The goal is to make sure you get signage that suits your needs.

Along with receiving a before and after image of your sign, you will receive suggestions and opinions on the design’s size to ensure it truly fits with the layout.


One of the most important parts of branding is a logo. It needs to be simple but engaging and memorable to stand out and stick in people’s minds. A metal business logo will make an unforgettable first impression. You can choose from many feel-goods – sleek, rustic, futuristic, or elegant. It’s up to you!

Your project will go through every step of our design process, from first sketches to 3D mockups to the final product. Interested? We have a gallery for inspiration to get you started!


The durability of metal business signs makes them a better investment. Although they cost more, the higher quality will make them last longer and reduce maintenance costs in the long run.

If you want to keep your coffee kitchen signs looking good and avoid hidden or surprise costs, paying for routine service visits is a must. Think about how often you bought a cheap character that had to be replaced after a short time. The point here is that maintenance visits will protect the lifespan of low-quality material signs more than frequent replacement.

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