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Steps to avoid negative marking in competitive exams

Do you intend to earn high marks in competitive exams? If yes, then ask yourself if you are adequately equipped to realise this desire. Remember that you must overcome your deficiencies in order to avoid making mistakes on the exam and achieve a high grade. If you feel that you are well prepared to pass the competitive exams.

In this post, we’ve outlined several practical strategies for reducing the likelihood of receiving poor grades. However, these strategies are only effective if you know the correct answer. If you give the incorrect response and assume that these guidelines would reduce the likelihood of negative marking, your assumption will not be accurate. To correctly answer questions on the SSC CGL exams, you can receive suitable training and consistently exert effort.

Here is an exceptional method to prevent bad grading on competitive exams:

Carefully read and obey the rules

In order to pass the competitive exams, you must adhere to the norms and regulations. If you disregard the guidelines, you will be more susceptible to receiving unfavourable grades. If you are required to fill out your OMR form using just a blue ballpoint pen and you use a red gel pen instead, the examiner may reject you for not following the requirements. Therefore, before answering questions, be careful to review the sheet’s norms and regulations.

Pay close attention to questions

Do you start solving questions right after you receive a question paper? If yes, then you must alter this behaviour. Remember that it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the questions before attempting to answer them. Therefore, allow 10 minutes for analysing the question paper’s question types. Be sure to read each question carefully and slowly. Otherwise, you may make a great number of errors in difficulty. Once you know the questions you must answer, you will be able to answer questions effectively and reduce the risk of negative marking.

Avoid marking questionable answers

It is possible that you may not be able to finish the full exam syllabus before the exam date. You may take the exams with some unreviewed material. Not to worry! Using a clever method, you can still remove the possibility of receiving poor grades. Note that some applicants attempt to answer every question, regardless of whether or not they understand the idea. They fall victim to the negative marking scheme in this manner. Here we get to work! You merely have to solve questions you are sure about and avoid solving questionable ones. If you are just marking accurate responses, there is no possibility of negative marking.

Avoid oral computations

As national and state-level competitive examss are administered, the selection process will surely be rigorous. The exam will undoubtedly contain a lot of challenging and intricate questions. Don’t jeopardise your grade by performing oral math to answer such questions. It is preferable to utilise a rough sheet when performing such computations. Ensure that you do computations in a clear and structured manner. Otherwise, sloppy calculations will cause confusion and raise the likelihood of receiving a failing grade.

In addition, you may perform quick calculations by utilising short techniques, formulae, tables, and flowcharts. However, sufficient practise is required to determine whether these strategies are applicable to every question type.

Do not mark responses in the final minute

When there are barely 5 to 7 minutes remaining on a exams, applicants begin attempting answers hastily. They begin to mark responses with guesses, which increases the mobility of inaccurate answers and hence increases the possibility of negative marking. Therefore, do not feel stressed if certain queries remain unanswered at the last minute. Instead, maintain your composure and mark just the ones you know the answers to. If there is no question about which you are certain, simply cross-check the ones you have already answered.

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Final Overview

Even if you answer a lot of questions properly, if you also answer a number of questions wrong, your total score will suffer. Therefore, ensure that you adhere to the relevant guidelines to avoid the danger associated with the negative marking scheme in competitive exams.

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