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Star Swim Schools – Health Benefits of Swimming For Babies

Star Swim Schools Cranbourne provides an exquisite environment and top facilities to teach their students to master the art of swimming. Students learn in a friendly and professional environment with world-leading practices and training programs offered to achieve desired results.

Age Groups

At , our goal is to assist swimmers of all ages reach their swimming goals – be they learning to swim, getting fitter, perfecting their strokes or joining a squad. We do this by offering reasonably priced yet high-quality group swim lessons.

Children are divided into classes according to age and ability. After enrolling, an assessment session ensures they are placed into the most suitable class for them at that stage – helping ensure rapid progress while building confidence in the water.

Our Guppies (ages 3-5) and Sea Turtles (ages 6-8) programs are designed to teach foundational aquatic skills that form the basis for future, more advanced abilities. At these levels, we focus on mastering unassisted swim and water safety skills such as kicking, underwater dips, gliding, back floats, front floats, pulling paddles “crab” walking along walls or rollovers as well as body balance breathing and water safety education before moving onto our advanced school aged program where participants work on perfecting strokes while building stamina for squad level swimming!


Star Swim School also provides adult lessons exclusively tailored for them – to build their confidence in the water. This provides an ideal opportunity to become more involved with local community life while celebrating Australian culture – swimming being central. Incorporating regular fitness regimens like learning how to swim can also have great health benefits!

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Star Swim Schools was founded on the belief that water skills and safety are invaluable life lessons for children. Our Learn to Swim kids program offers unbroken training year round. Swimming classes run 49 weeks of the year to facilitate consistent instruction and enable rapid advancement through levels. Furthermore, Star Swim Schools strives to make its lessons fun, developmentally appropriate, taught by qualified instructors for maximum results both indoors and out in the water.

“After numerous staff changes with clearly overworked instructors at another large local swim school, my child was discontent. So we changed to Starfish where she quickly took to swimming and learned at an impressively rapid rate.”

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Swimming classes Cranbourne for babies can help build their confidence and boost their self-esteem, with research showing that babies who learn how to swim are better adaptable to new situations and more independent.

Regular full-body physical activity stimulates the brain, helping babies establish good sleep habits. Exercise also strengthens their heart and lungs.

Boosts Immune System

Although many parents opt out of winter swimming lessons due to myths surrounding wet hair promoting colds, scientific studies have demonstrated that regular year-round exercise strengthens and bolsters immunity against stress and illness; this is particularly significant in infants, who tend to suffer more frequently with common colds and flu viruses.

One study conducted among schoolchildren demonstrated that those who attended chlorinated swimming pools as babies had significantly higher risks for asthma than those who hadn’t, suggesting that swimming may alter airway function and predispose to asthma and respiratory allergies.

Swimming also helps strengthen immunity by increasing baseline concentrations of key antioxidative enzymes like superoxide dismutase and catalase; these serve as powerful antioxidants that protect cells against damage from exposure to oxidative stresses.

Improves Sleep

Swimming is an enjoyable form of full-body physical activity that strengthens lungs and blood vessels while stimulating healthy metabolic processes, all which are crucial elements to staying on a healthy weight trajectory and potentially warding off obesity in later years. It can even prevent its occurrence!

Swimming can be especially helpful to infants as an activity to develop large muscle motor skills and coordination, both essential components to successful crawling and walking. Furthermore, this activity helps improve balance while developing coordination.

Swim classes help babies develop all of their major muscles in new ways and work extra hard to remain warm, which naturally exhausts the body and may lead to better rest at night.

Swimming lessons provide socialization, music, and skin-to-skin contact between parent and baby that foster bonding and improved sleep at home – key factors for healthy brain and physical development.

Strengthens Muscles

Swimming provides infants with an effective means of increasing strength, coordination and balance while increasing body flexibility and agility. Plus, its natural buoyancy reduces physical strain when compared with other sports or exercises.

Swimming lessons Cranbourne help babies develop large muscle motor skills essential to crawling and walking. A recent study demonstrated that babies who receive regular swim lessons display enhanced balance and coordination abilities.

Swimming classes provide numerous cognitive and developmental advantages that are beneficial to academics as well. Babies who attend swimming classes tend to have better memories and understanding directions compared to those who don’t participate regularly, plus it helps improve appetites and regulate sleep patterns in fussy babies – not forgetting that it is an excellent way for bonding!

Stimulates Brain

Swimming is an activity that stimulates both sides of the brain, creating new neural pathways quickly to aid your child in learning faster and better.

Swimming provides gentle exercise that helps develop their heart and lungs while strengthening arm, leg and neck muscles and supporting healthy metabolic processes. Swimming helps ensure that they enjoy fuller meals, more restful sleep cycles and may even assist in soothing upset stomach issues.

Studies on rats have demonstrated how swimming stimulates brain pathways that reduce inflammation in the hippocampus and inhibit apoptosis, thus supporting neuron survival and slowing cognitive decline with age. While these results might apply directly to humans, research remains encouraging – one study showed significantly greater word recall after one week of swimming for children than coloring or CrossFit exercise – demonstrating its power to enhance cognitive performance.

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