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Some Unique Cat Behaviors that every Cat Parent Needs to Know About!

Cats are loving companions and fascinating and curious animals. But sometimes cats do weird but cute things like bumping their heads against the wall, sleeping on your lap, sleeping in small boxes, and many other things. Intriguingly everything cats do have some meaning behind it.

Exciting cat quirks that cat parents should know about:

  • Head bumping is one-way cats express their love. Most cats do it, but there is nothing wrong if your cat doesn’t give you head bumps because cats have several other ways to express love.
  • When they are separated from their biological parents, cats have the urge to cling to soft objects. You may have found your cat chewing soft rubber bands, blankets, or socks.
  • Cats are animals who like solitude from time to time. Don’t worry if your cat starts ignoring you because it is one of their instincts. Now that you know let your independent pet enjoy their time on their own.
  • Cats also have the instinct to hunt. And, sometimes, they can present their hunt to their cat parents. It is not the kind of present you like. It is mostly going to be a dead rat/bird. Just express neutral feelings towards your cat in such a situation. There is no need to scold them, and neither is there any need to praise them. Praising cats in such cases will lead to more presents that no cat parent wants.
  • You might have heard your cat make an unusual noise. Cats generally make noise when they see a potential prey (bird/rat). Sometimes cats make odd chattering sounds when they run after the prey to catch them.
  • If you are a cat parent, you may have discovered that cats love to sleep in tight close spaces. This behavior also roots back in the cat’s ancestral history. The urge to sleep in small familiar places is to protect themselves from predators. Cats feel very safe in closed spaces. That is why you will find them in the bathroom cabinet, little boxes, closets, and any small enclosed space in the house.

Cats and other animals perceive the earth and their immediate environment differently than humans. Knowing how they perceive these helps build a better bond between humans and pets. These things might help you if you are a cat parent.

After reading all this, one thing is for sure – ‌cats are intriguing and curious animals. And unfortunately, their curiosity can sometimes get them into trouble like accidents or illnesses brought on by coming into contact with toxic things. There is no way to be fully prepared for future health dangers. That can only be handled when they happen

But, everyone can be ‌prepared for such situations by getting pet health insurance to help cover treatment costs, making the immediate environment cat friendly, and not leaving cats outdoors unsupervised. Getting pet health insurance is most beneficial because even under watchful eyes, cats can fall sick or suffer the painful damages of an accident. In this kind of scenario, advanced vet medical attention is required. When a pet parent is worried sick about their pet’s health, money doesn’t matter much. All a pet parent wants for their furry baby is to get back to good health. Pet parents with the best pet insurance don’t have to worry about monetary expenses. They solely focus on the recovery process of their pet. If you are interested in getting a coverage plan for your cat, go ahead and get one because it’s worth it.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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