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Softaculous cPanel | The most compatible software installer

Softaculous is a computerized software installer covering more than four hundred and fifty (450) scripts on it. Although, the company is thinking of making more additions to scripts on this compatible software installer. Therefore, Softaculous’ over 450 scripts encompass most of the software required these days by users with the click-installed selection.

Softaculous varies from its opponents in terms of command, rapidity, competence, and scalability with various control panels. Hence, the development of the softaculous cPanel installer took place in 2010. Since its development, most renowned companies prefer to use this compatible software installer in their system worldwide. Hence, it has covered the position of many popular software installers in the web development and web hosting world.

Let’s learn more about it:

Why there is a preference to use softaculous software with cPanel?

For specific users, the installation of software on a server with the command line could appear threatening. Therefore, Softaculous gives a graphical interface with reliable scripts to make installation simple. Being a web host, you can enable your web hosting clients to administer their software and expectation with a few clicks.

If you add softaculous cPanel to your hosting programs then it will benefit you in cutting costs, thus improving your services. Therefore, their open policy comprises 59 famous scripts, and their paid policies comprise over 200. Hence, it makes it simple making for the users to install this compatible software installer, which they prefer on their cPanel & WHM servers.

Having a server without a softaculous license means depriving something essential in your system. However, you can install it by yourself to deliver superior enhancements in your server administration. Thus, Softaculous cPanel gives credentials for installing Softaculous on the command line by degrees.

Performance of a Softaculous cPanel:

You can run Softaculous seamlessly with all the control panels. However, a grouping of Softaculous cPanel is extremely in process and is being highly loved globally. Thus, cPanel as its long list of aspects gives huge incorporation with Softaculous as well and creates a Softaculous cPanel arrangement.

One-click installation for about 450 software applications holds hosting providers keep going with this compatible software installer. Hereby, this arrangement also assists in enhancing substantial sales of the business. You get more client gratification via a Softaculous license, as this arrangement protects time for them by just one click and get your preferred application installed.

Prerequisites to Install Softaculous:

Before you make the installation of Softaculous, you must have IonCube Loaders supported on WHM on the control panel. Follow some important steps for the installation of Softaculous on VPS or a dedicated server with cPanel:

  • Just Log on to your WHM (Web Host Manager)
  • Access the server configuration
  • Click on the tweak setting
  • access the PHP tab
  • select Ioncube for the cPanel PHP loader
  • Press the save button below
  • Installation of Softaculous cPanel is a simple process. Once you have installed it, now you could start getting the perks of a one-click installer of about 450 scripts. the followings are some steps necessary to install softaculous on cPanel:
  • Log on to your server through SSH and run the following commands one by one (wget –N http://files.softaculous.com/install.sh)
  • When the installed file is downloaded, run the following commands: (chmod 755 install.sh ./install.sh)
  • When the procedure of installation is finished, a message of congratulation will blink on your screen. So, you can see the softaculous on your WHM.

What are the features of Softaculous cPanel?

Considering the diversity and huge extent of about 450 scripts, Softaculous appears as a good prospect for hosting companies. The followings are some Features of softaculous cPanel:

  • 379 Apps:

The extensive extent of apps that furnishes to all requirements. For example, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, and more.

  • Day-to-day Updates:

Our scripts team authorizes for apprises every day and issues the app apprises within a day of issue by the vendor. Therefore, Auto Apprises can be supported to update installations as soon as the latest version is issued.

  • Backups and Restoration:

One-click Backup and Restoration lets the users back up their sites.

  • Backups on Peripheral Locations:

Softaculous does backups n Google Drive, Dropbox, and FTP/FTPS/SFTP locations. Therefore, Users can organize backup installations at consistent interims daily, weekly, monthly, or even at a custom time.

  • Find out massive Installations:

Softaculous does Import installations manually or through another auto-installer with one click from the admin/end-user panel.

  • Control Panel Incorporation:

This auto-installer has robust incorporation with prevalent control panels like cPanel, Directadmin, Plesk, ISPmanager, VestaCP, and more.

  • Custom / Exclusive Panels:

Softaculous can be incorporated with any registered control panel.

  • Re-branding:

Re-brand Softaculous with your registered logo, brand name, or even a registered CSS to composite your brand.

WordPress features of softaculous cPanel:

The followings are some features of the softaculous license for WordPress:

  • Softaculous cPanel manages WordPress installations from a dedicated page with the installation, up gradation, management of plugins/themes, clone, staging, backups, etc.
  • It uses the API/modules to auto-install WordPress and is beneficial for WordPress Hosting.
  • The Admin and Users can make sets with selected WordPress Plugins and Themes.
  • Softaculous provides a specific version of WordPress with plugins and themes.
  • You can choose to Auto Update WordPress Plugins and Themes on regular basis.

In the Bottomline:

Navicosoft is providing the cheapest Softaculous License. The price of this compatible software installer encompasses their after-sales services. Therefore, Navicosoft’s capability in the web hosting industry has an important part in making their services improved and bringing softaculous pricing and plans to a reasonable price for resellers and end-users.

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