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Know your Skin Tone and Undertone for a Perfect Shade of Foundation

The right foundation can conceal blemishes, redness, and unevenness. Say goodbye to experimenting with powders that are too light or a hideous orange. We’re going to help you determine your skin undertone, so you can find the right shade of foundation that complements your beautiful face. 

What is Undertone?

Every person’s skin is unique. It may be possible for two people to have nearly identical skin, and yet the undertones can be different. Undertones are the colour tints that show through your skin. It impacts the overall skin tone. This means even if someone gets a tan or becomes fair, the undertone will not shift. As a result, the undertone largely influences which foundation would be the best match for the skin tone. 

In general, there are three types of undertones. We have explained them below to help you understand your true undertone. Before that, let’s take the vein test.

The Colour of your Veins 

The vein test is an excellent way to determine if a person has a cool, warm, or neutral undertone. Look at the wrist or areas where the tint of the veins is most noticeable. Greenish veins indicate warm undertones, and bluish or purplish veins indicate a cool undertone. If the tint appears to be mixed or doesn’t have a distinct colour, it is an indication of a neutral undertone. 

Three Types of Skin Undertones

Warm Undertones 

Warm undertones tan rather than burn when exposed to harsh sunlight. When it comes to clothes, the earth tones complement the skin best — red, olive, orange, yellow, and golden tones. People with warm undertones also look best with golden jewellery over silver ones. 

Preferable foundation shade: Yellowish

Cool Undertones 

Unlike warm undertones, cool undertones get sunburned when exposed to harsh sunlight. The shades that best compliment this type of undertone are green, purple, and blue. Cool undertones look best with wearing silver jewellery as compared to gold.

Preferable foundation shade: Pinkish

Neutral Undertones 

The vein tint of neutral undertones is not definitive. It can appear to be a mixture of green and blue. This can be advantageous because a neutral skin undertone looks good on both undertones, i.e. either warm or cool. Neutral undertones, rather than matching the undertones to a foundation colour, must concentrate on finding the right foundation cream that complements the skin tone cream.

Preferable foundation shade: Peachy 


Knowing your undertone can help you find the perfect foundation shade that complements your skin tone. Depending on whether your skin has warm, cool, or neutral undertones, you should have a fairly good idea of which foundation to pick. Finally, keep in mind that skin shade and undertones are not the same. While the former can change depending on sun exposure or health factors that can necessitate the use of different foundation shades, the latter does not change.

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