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Six important Questions To Address Before Hiring an Interpretation Agency

Interpreting and translation are different from each other on many scales. Though both share the same purpose, the processes are different. Where translation deals with the written conversion of text from one language to another, and interpretation addresses the real-time needs of verbal content where an interpreter is hired to bridge the gap between languages. It is a critical process and requires detailed and meticulous research before it gets proceeded. Therefore the requirements for hiring a translation company may differ from the interpretation company.

The following features should be considered before hiring an interpretation agency 

  1. What are your Needs and Requirements?

This is always focused by experts time and again that businesses and companies should be sure about the factors and requirements that they want their interpretation company to follow and deliver results. If interpreters and agencies are briefed about the content in detail, professional interpretation services can put more effort to deliver the desired result. 

  1. What kind of Interpretation do you want?

Interpretation and professional translation services can only be delivered by the company when they convey their requirements precisely. You as a business owner need to communicate about the type of interpretation that you require. Do you want to go for the simultaneous or consecutive interpreter? Or you are looking for an on-site interpretation and telephone interpretation. There are different situations and scenarios which compel people to go for hiring different translation services.  Video remote interpretation is also in demand as an instant and appropriate solution. 

  1. What is the Nature and Subject of the Interpreting job?

It is also better to be clear about the nature and subject for which you require interpretation. Interpretation services for a technical conference could be different and interview, meeting or the medical field requires different services. These also vary with the countries and popularity of languages. For instance, Chinese interpretation services are much in demand due to the fact that Chinese is the world’s ancient and most spoken language with a maximum number of speakers. The interpretation company however should contain suitable experience and proficiency. It is quite important and should be taken into account while hunting for one.

  1. What is your Language Pair?

Languages and language pairs are of utmost importance in it. Therefore, you have to be vigilant about the languages that are going to be used. Not all language providers are proficient in all languages. If the language pair asks about the interpretation service in Malayalam, you need to arrange the interpreter accordingly. Native speakers who contribute to Malayalam translation services can also be hired for the interpretation task if they are proficient in a second language too. Also, you should be bearing in mind that interpretation services of certain languages do not get equate to competence. It is important to evaluate the ability and relevant language experience carefully. Interpretation companies advertise about a lot of qualities and practically they fail to deliver what is promised. Also, the technical aspects of interpreting tasks should also be clarified. 

  1. What are the Terms and Conditions?

The terms and conditions part is often ignored and also overlooked. However, when you are dealing with interpreting services, it refers to dealing with a business. You are not supposed to overburden the interpreter sent to you. He should not be treated as a personal assistant. As a client, you have your expectations and the service providers have set a few parameters on which they work.  You can not go against the contract therefore signing a contract and agreeing on a few clauses is beneficial for both parties to work in a better environment.

Working according to a service contract not only deals with the interpreting service provider but also serves as a protection and guarantee for the client. It tells about the client who can demand from the interpreter so in case any party fails to deliver as promised they are obliged to penalty.

  1. What Software and Equipment are Needed?

The process of interpretation may require a lot of special equipment and accessories. Particularly when businesses acquire online interpretation or video and audio interpretation these have to follow certain practices.

For instance, interpreters need a microphone and earphone set so that they can make no mistakes while interpreting. Portable systems are also need for the conferences. These are also name ‘whisper’ systems. Wireless receivers are also used in this process. Therefore the interpretation companies as well as interpreters should be proficient with the equipment and its usage.

Final Words

Hiring an interpretation agency could be hectic. As there are a lot of agencies and checking them on particular parameters gets tough. However, following the important tips before hiring interpreters and agencies can positively contribute to the process of selection and interpretation.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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