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Simplilearn’s Python Free Course With Certificate: Expectations vs. Reality

Python is currently one of the programming languages that is utilized by the greatest number of people. It is a highly versatile language with a rich set of libraries that are used in a variety of application areas, including data science, web development, game development, scientific computing, machine learning, and eCommerce. These are just a few of the application areas that make use of this language. You can become proficient in the use of this in-demand language with the help of the Simplilearn Python course, which can also help you achieve success as a Python developer. 

Python has quickly risen to become one of the languages with the most rapid expansion rate among the many programming languages that are currently available on the market. Python is useful for a wide variety of applications, including the development of games, scientific and numerical computing, machine learning, and scientific applications built for the web. Learning Python is beneficial if you want to work in any of the following fields: data science, machine learning engineering, data analysis, or even software development. 

Considering this, why not enroll in the python free course with certificate offered by Simplilearn?

Python is without a doubt one of the programming languages that is expanding at the quickest rate, and having expertise in it is a skill that is highly valued in the current job market. Many online businesses around the world are looking to hire Python developers because the programming language has applications in a highly diverse set of industries. In addition, having skills in Python can help you land a job in a variety of fields, including machine learning, data science, web development, and others. Your professional opportunities may be improved even further by obtaining our Python certification.

It is typical for a Python developer to be responsible for designing, constructing, deploying, and debugging development projects, typically on the back end. They design and implement reliable applications by writing Python code that is efficient and scalable according to the requirements of the business. The other responsibilities they have change depending on the industry in which they work. Earning the Python certification offered by Simplilearn will provide you with the knowledge necessary to become a successful Python developer.

Taking a class in Python programming is, of course, the most effective way to learn this language.

This training course on Python covers the fundamentals of the language as well as how to apply it to various applications in the real world. The modules, projects, and assignments that make up the curriculum cover data operations in Python, strings, conditional statements, error handling, shell scripting, web scraping, and the Python web framework Django, which is widely used.

  • Over twenty assisted practices across all of the modules
  • Certificate of completion for a course that is recognized in the industry
  • 5 knowledge checks at the end of each lesson and one real-life project to cap off the course 8 times higher interaction in live online classes taught by industry professionals


This Python certification is beneficial to anyone who is interested in learning Python for job roles involving software development or data science. The following groups would benefit greatly from taking this Python course:

  •  software developers
  • Software engineers
  • Technical frontrunners
  • Architects
  • Enthusiasts of computer programming
  • Pre-requisites
  • Learners are required to hold either a diploma or a degree from an accredited college or university.

The expectation is that Python developers have a solid understanding of both the fundamentals of Python and the concepts behind object-oriented programming. Python developers are expected to have a working knowledge of the various frameworks and libraries that are associated with their field of work. In addition to that, it is anticipated that they have a solid comprehension of ORM libraries, version control systems, front-end technologies, and other related topics. One of the easiest and most convenient ways to acquire such skills is by earning our Python certification.

Python’s primary characteristics are as follows:

  • Commands that are similar to English and are simple to learn.
  • This language has an open-source implementation.
  • A robust collection of libraries that can be used for the development of games, data science, and other applications.
  • Utilized in the production of graphical user interfaces (GUI).
  • The language that dynamically types data.

The reality is that the Python course offered by Simplilearn is the first step that beginners can take to become proficient in this language without encountering any difficulties. The curriculum of the class was developed by professionals in the relevant field, and each of the concepts is explained in great detail.

This Python certification course is perfect for working professionals who are interested in becoming software developers or who are preparing for any data-related role, such as a data scientist, data analyst, or AI engineer.

Python developers are in high demand, and businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinational corporations, are looking to fill open positions. The most prominent technology companies that are currently hiring Python developers include Google, Accenture, TCS, Cognizant, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft. If you include our Python certification on your resume, your chances of getting hired by one of these companies will go up significantly.

Other aspects that you get after taking up the Free python course are:

  • Gain the skills necessary for genuine career advancement.
  • Innovative educational programs are designed in consultation with business and academic institutions to foster the development of skills that are marketable in today’s job market.
  • Gain knowledge not from trainers who are out of touch with current practices but rather from experts actively working in their respective fields.
  • Leading practitioners who bring the most recent and best practices as well as case studies to sessions that are tailored to fit your work schedule.
  • Learn by applying your knowledge to actual issues in the world.
  • Students will complete capstone projects using real-world data sets and interact with virtual labs to gain practical experience.
  • The guidance is organized to ensure that learning is continuous.
  • 24×7 Learning support from teachers and a community of peers who share similar interests can help clear up any conceptual confusion.

Books to read after taking up the course:

Training in Python is all that is required to become proficient in the use of this powerful programming language. On the other hand, if you need future references, you can also look through specific Python programming books, such as:

  • Author Eric Matthes created Python Crash Course, which is a hands-on, project-based introduction to programming. Author Paul Barry created Head First Python, which is a brain-friendly guide.
  • Learn Python 3 the Hard Way is a book written by Zed A. Shaw that provides a very simple introduction to the frighteningly beautiful world of computers and code.

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