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Should You Call an AC Contractor If Your Outside Unit Starts Freezing in Rains?

Having an air conditioner in a house is a plus. This is especially true during those hot summer days when it becomes very useful. However, it has some inconveniences that create a negative impact on its functioning. This can be the exterior unit freezing. This may seem strange, but freezing air conditioning units during rainy seasons is a real event. It frequently indicates an issue that requires quick treatment. The article will tell you if you should contact an AC contractor Winter Haven. This is if the outside unit begins to freeze in the rain.

1- Identifying Underlying Issues-

Even in the wet season, freezing of the external unit frequently indicates deeper issues that need to be treated by a specialist. Restricted airflow from filthy coils or ducting obstacles is one typical reason. The unit may freeze because of very cold evaporator coils caused by obstructions in airflow. An AC contractor may do an in-depth inspection in order to find and fix these problems.

2- Refrigerant Levels and Leaks-

Incorrect refrigerant levels are another important element that can cause freezing. Ice formation may result from the evaporator coil’s temperature falling below freezing due to low refrigerant. The rain does not directly alter refrigerant levels. But it can make an already-existing problem worse by bringing in more moisture. An AC contractor will monitor the refrigerant levels and search for leaks.

3- Ensuring Proper System Function-

Humidity levels dramatically increase when it rains. Elevated humidity levels can require increased effort from the evaporator coils. This is needed to eliminate moisture from the air. It will result in freezing if the system is not operating properly. Rainwater getting into the system could worsen this problem by affecting electrical parts. It can also cause further cooling problems. An AC contractor, Winter Haven, can guarantee that the unit is sealed against moisture intrusion. They will ensure that all parts are operating as intended.

4- Preventing Long-term Damage-

Permanent damage to the compressor and other parts of an air conditioning unit might result from leaving it running while it is frozen. The system may overheat and have to work harder if the ice blocks airflow. This can result in expensive repairs or perhaps the need for a total replacement. This is in addition to reducing the unit’s efficiency.

5- Safety Concerns-

Handling electrical parts and refrigerants are both potentially dangerous. It is part of repairing a frozen air conditioning machine. Do not attempt to resolve these issues without the necessary expertise and skills. It might result in physical injury or additional damage to the unit. Expert air conditioning contractors are skilled in managing these threats in a secure and efficient manner.

The Closing Line-

An obvious indication that anything is amiss with your system is if your exterior air conditioning unit begins to freeze in the rain. The core reason must be fixed to prevent further damage. You must preserve the system’s performance. This is regardless of whether it is the result of airflow constraints or excessive humidity. The best thing to do is give an AC contractor, Winter Haven, a call. They can identify the issue and resolve it. You can prolong the life of your air conditioner. Watts Ac will keep your house pleasant by taking care of these problems early on.

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