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Shopping In Auckland: Top 7 Places To Spend Your Cash

Auckland is a beautiful city in New Zealand. It is actually a heaven like city filled with green grounds, eye-catching sights and natural beauty. The city is the most popular among others in the entire country. Anyone who intends to travel to this city, may think of shopping and visiting the markets.

Auckland city is a hub of markets where you can find anything you need. When tourists come to the city, they love to stay here and visit various malls. Shopping in Auckland’s shopping mall is quite a favorite for many visitors to enjoy an environment, full of entertainment.

7 Best Places For Shopping In Auckland

Fortunately, if you belong to Auckland or are likely to make a visit, then you must be aware of certain best places including markets, malls, parks etc where you should spend your money for shopping and entertainment. I know some of the best places in Auckland. Read on if you want to know!

  1. WestCity Waitakere

WestCity shopping mall is located (Catherine Street, Henderson, Auckland 0612) in the heart of west Auckland. From fashion to food, homeware to sports, everything is available in this marketplace. Along with shopping, it provides many sources of entertainment like cinemas, cafes and clubs.

You can buy goods from departmental stores and supermarkets available in WestCity Waitakere. Not only this, this shopping mall facilitates you with services of bank and finance as well as free wifi facility for customers. With such services and entertainment, this place is the best for shopping.

  1. Britomart

Britomart is a huge marketplace in Auckland where you can buy anything you dream of. From tiny steel pins to large gadgets, anything can be found from the market. And this place, a home of fashion designers, is exceptionally charming. Various boutiques from the world’s best brands can be found here.

Its building is filled with beautiful color shades on wall windows that mesmerize the tourists. When you look at the market from outside, the overlapping shades of different colors look like a rainbow. Not only the tourists, the locals also come here to sit around and buy whatever they need.

  1. Newmarket

This place, located to the south-east of the central business district, is best for shopping if you are fond of fashion. You probably will find top brands like Broadway, Karen Walker etc that would certainly be enough to fulfill your all needs.

If you look for clothing and garments, Broadway is a great choice. Nuffield is another spot that provides Karen Walker’s skirts and clothes. So if you visit Newmark, a variety of your favorite clothes will be found easily.

This market is the best place to spend some cash if you really want to buy good stuff from the popular brands such as Zambesi and Kate Sylvester. 

  1. Devonport 

Devonport is located on the north shore of Auckland (Devonport Ferry Terminal, 1 Queens Parade, Devonport, Auckland 0624, New Zealand) and a popular marketplace downtown the city because of its historical background. Its weird and unique collection of goods from different brands also makes it well-known across Auckland.

This place is full of boutique houses, jewelry shops and gift shops. You can also find here a variety of furniture, books and various antiques. If you want to spend money to get the best designs from popular brands, you should visit this absolute marketplace.

  1. Parnell Market

Parnell is located at the central part of Auckland. If you are looking for a premium spot for shopping, Parnell is such a place where movie stars and models come to spend and buy from world’s popular brands. You can find here some good choices of clothes and jewelry and it is a hub of top designer boutiques.

This place is famous among the locals because it has been a hot spot for many years. It also has various restaurants and cafes. Moreover, it is an upmarket destination in the city and also ranked as the oldest market of the town. 

  1. Queen High Street

This huge market consists of unique shops and stalls in the town. If you visit this place, you will find everything you need from local to international brands. It also provides an open air shopping environment where you can fulfill your needs more comfortably. The famous brands like Gucci, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton etc introduce you with the high standards of the fashion industry.

If you visit this place, you can buy clothes, shoes and cosmetics from these well-known brands. Moreover, many popular brands are providing the services of foods like pizza, burgers etc.

  1. Sylvia Park Shopping Center

This spot is located six miles southeast at the heart of the city. It consists of more than 200 stores.Sylvia Park is one of the busiest shopping centers in Auckland. This is because it has a huge collection of shops and markets. Once you get in the mall, the lights and decoration deliver pleasant and charming vibes. With such a beautiful environment, you will spend a great time there.  


Spending money on shopping in Auckland would definitely be pleasing for tourists. But visiting the best places will please them more. An awareness of best places for shopping is also important if you intend to travel to Auckland city. Instead of visiting the whole city, go for famous places which will save both your time and money.    

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Uneeb Khan
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