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The Xbox Series X was the subject of numerous internet jokes due to its design, which many found reminiscent of a refrigerator.

Due to the Xbox Series X refrigerator’s widespread online interest, Microsoft decided to make one for Snoop Dog and give away another as a prize in a sweepstakes.


After winning a Twitter “Best of Tweets” battle against Skittles, Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg made good on a promise to begin producing micro fridges. Xbox won the popular vote, and we kept Greenberg’s promise.

Pricing for the Series Xbox micro fridge for Xbox has set at $99.99. cyber monday deals on mini fridge offers are the best prices of the year. But how does it compare to what anticipated? It’s a cool decoration for your room, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high.


Let’s start with the fact that the Xbox mini fridge is around 1.5 times larger than a standard Xbox Series’s X console. There is no difference in design between the mini-control refrigerators. Contrarily, mini-fridges can put to use in a variety of other contexts. Light adjacent to Xbox logo will turn on when you hit sync button (bottom right).

The Real USB

Both the Xbox mini fridge and the console have USB connectors in the same spot, under the sync button. The mini-USB connector in the fridge, surprisingly, is functional. As long as the mini-fridge is power on, you can use the plug to recharge your electrical gadgets.
A feature I wish the actual Series’s X console had is activate by hitting the eject button on the mini-fridge; while it does not expel anything, the top green LED lights up.


There are two dividers inside, the upper one being the smallest of the three. The mini-middle refrigerators and lower shelves can accommodate up to four regular 12-ounce soda cans when stacked vertically. Use the horizontal space in the top bin to stack the cans vertically. Only two 12-ounce drinks will fit.


Unfortunately, taller cans won’t fit quite as snuggly. Objects that are taller than a 12-ounce Coke can will need to laid horizontally. Red Bull and Milks Soft Soda both come in 8.4-ounce cans that fall into this category.
In order to store items that are higher than the dividers, you may take them out. The method is applicable to both 16 oz. Red Bull cans and 8 oz. water bottles. If you’re any taller than average, you won’t be able to enter. Despite being only 8 inches in height, my 20-ounce bottle of Mountain Dew Code Red was too tall to stand up straight. To accommodate larger, plastic drink bottles and beer bottles with long necks, you can eliminate the dividers and use the space for just one.


The Xbox Series X mini-fridge’s door shelves can hold even more snacks. The issue is that you have to arrange them out horizontally. A cluttered, vertically-stacked closet will make it impossible to close the door. You can satisfy your craving for something sweet by stocking up on as many candy bars as will fit on these display racks.

Powerfully flows

My Xbox Series’s X mini-fridge makes a lot of noise. The PlayStation 4 Pro’s loud noise has likened to a jet engine, prompting humorous comparisons. The PlayStation 4 tiny fridge can’t compare to the power of Xbox’s new mini fridge. Instead of using traditional refrigerant, this mini fridge uses thermoelectric fan cooling. With this method, we can get rid of expensive and perhaps dangerous substances.


The thermoelectric cooling system of the compact refrigerator relies on a fan to exhaust warm air. Because of this, the refrigerator is extremely noisy. The manufacturer of the fan, Ukonic, confirm that it is design for continuous use.
There are two options: max and eco. When the fan is put into eco mode, electricity consumption is reduce. My research shows that switching to Eco mode has no effect on fan noise. Goods are cool to a temperature that is 36 degrees Fahrenheit below room temperature.


The Xbox small fridge not design to be on all the time, therefore the include instructions advise switching it off at predetermined times. I wouldn’t recommend storing perishable goods there because of the iffy climate control. Mini-fridges often have noisy fans that might disrupt sleep; turning it off at night can eliminate this problem.

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Nothing happens when you open the mini-fridge. I hoped that when the door opened, it would make the same noise as an Xbox starting up. It’s possible that’s too much to expect.
Mini refrigerator you’ll have to look elsewhere if you expect more from your home appliances. Quality can be yours for only $99.99. This may not be the best little fridge, but if you’re an Xbox fan, you’ll love it. Hopefully you can. All across, they were a best-seller. Sellers on sites like eBay and others typically increase the price. All purchases must made at the suggested retail price.


Miniature refrigerator with a thermoelectric cooling system and a 10 litre capacity for the Xbox. It may used anywhere, is inexpensive at $99 (USD), and operates off either a standard AC wall socket or a DC 12V car jack (cables supplied). Featuring a door that can contain up to 12 cans of soda and two shelves for snacks. Two removable interior shelves and two removable door shelves provide ample storage space for refreshments.


You may individually control the lighting on the Xbox logo on the refrigerator’s top as well as any other lights in the kitchen. USB charging port in the front door (5V, 2.1A) Causes a drop in item temperature of up to 36 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) Dimensions: 18.5″ x 9″ x 9″ (462 mm x 232 mm x 232 mm) outside; 13.2″ x 6.8″ x 6.8″ inside (337mm x 174mm x 175mm).


Xbox has always been one of my favorite games. I was home with the flu and visiting my parents when it arrived. One of the packages was my favorite. There was an extra controller, a DVD remote, and four games. All that counted was Mad Dash Racing.
My entire life altered by Halo. Because of Halo, we started having LAN parties every week and quickly grew close. Next, Xbox LIVE and associated message boards began appearing online, where users could talk about the device and the games it could play. Over time, I’ve cultivated friendships with people from many different generations.


The babe is awesome! At the top of the stairs leading down to my game room in the basement, I could clearly hear it. loutier than a PS4 playing God of War in July. The louder than a nitroglycerin factory driven through by a dump truck. The noise level exceeds that of open car windows on a busy highway.
The laughter coming from Janice is more subdued. It’s noisier than a shopping mall on Black Friday. Compared to a dental drill, it’s really noisy. Lights and cooling fan have separate switches, so you may disable the latter without compromising the quality of the fake.

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