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Sequin Suits for Men – How to Wear Them and Where to Find Them

Sequin suits for men are becoming a hot trend in the fashion world. Whether you’re looking to make a statement at an upcoming event or just want to bring some sparkle and shine to your wardrobe, a sequin suit is a perfect way to do it. For those men who want to make a bold fashion statement with a sparkly suit, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to wear men’s sequined suits and blazers and where to find them. So get ready to add some sparkle and shine to your wardrobe!

The best place to find sequin suits

If you are looking for the perfect way to add a bit of sparkle and glamor to your wardrobe, then you should consider mens sequin suit | Angelino . These glittering suits come in a variety of styles, from classic blazers and trousers to bolder statement pieces that stand out. Whether you are heading out to an important event or just want to make a statement in your everyday style, you can find the perfect sequin suit for any occasion.

If you are looking for a classic blazer or trousers, then you may want to consider purchasing a sequin blazer for men. These come in a variety of colors and designs that can easily be paired with any outfit. For something a bit more daring, you can find sequin suits for men that feature shimmering sequins all over, creating a truly eye-catching look. If you want to go for something bolder, there are also men’s sequin suits that have bright colors or intricate patterns that will make a statement wherever you go.

How to wear a sequin suit

When it comes to menswear, sequin suits and blazers are having a major moment. Whether you’re looking for a flashy statement piece or a subtle hint of sparkle, these glittering pieces can be the perfect way to dress up any outfit. But how do you wear sequin suits for men? 

First things first, don’t be intimidated by the idea of wearing a sequin suit. Sequins can be quite subtle when paired with the right items. Start by selecting your blazer or suit. 

Choose something that fits your body well and in a neutral color like black or navy. If you want to stand out, opt for a bolder color like red or royal blue. 

Now it’s time to decide what to pair with your sequin blazer or suit. You can go simple and classic with a white shirt and slim black trousers, or you can mix it up with patterned trousers and an eye-catching pocket square. Finish off the look with a pair of dress shoes in a complementary shade. 

If you’re feeling extra bold, try pairing your sequin blazer for men with other pieces in contrasting colors, such as a bright polo shirt or a printed vest. For a more casual look, throw on a pair of jeans and a denim jacket. This will create an interesting contrast between the flashy sequins and the more laid-back pieces. 

No matter how you choose to style your sequin suit, it’s important to remember to keep the rest of the look simple. Don’t overload your outfit with too many accessories or pieces of clothing; instead, let the sequins be the star of the show!

What to avoid when wearing a sequin suit

Sequins can easily draw attention, so it’s important to know how to wear them without looking too flashy. When wearing a sequin suit or blazer, there are a few rules you should follow to ensure you look stylish and not over the top. 

The first thing to avoid when wearing a sequin suit is wearing anything else that is too glittery. While sequin suits for men are usually tasteful, if you pair them with a shiny shirt, shoes, or tie, you run the risk of looking gaudy. Instead, stick to more subtle tones and textures like linen or cotton.

When it comes to your accessories, it’s also important to be conscious of what you are wearing. If you are wearing a men’s sequin blazer, avoid wearing any other statement pieces, such as large necklaces or chunky watches. 

Finally, make sure that you are pairing your sequin blazer for men with clothing that fits properly. A suit that is too tight or too loose can detract from the look of the sequins and make it appear cheap or tacky. 

By following these tips, you can look stylish in a sequin suit without going overboard. Remember to choose pieces that complement each other and avoid any accessories that are too bold or sparkly. With mens sequin blazers | Angelino you can make a statement without overdoing it.


Sequined suits and blazers for men can be a great way to add some glitz and glamour to your wardrobe. Whether you are looking for a classic black or silver suit, or something more daring such as a sequin blazer for men, there are plenty of options out there. With the right care and style, you can create an outfit that is sure to make a statement. So when it comes to men’s sequin suits and glitter suits for men, the possibilities are endless.

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