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Seek Guide On Instant Khula Procedure (2022)

Instant Khula Procedure:

 If you need instant khula procedure from law firms, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. For instance, she might say: “I am happy to stay with him although he is impotent.” The silence in such a situation cannot be considered to constitute consent. The Khula Procedure in Pakistan and Khula Process in Pakistan is Not a Very Difficult for the females. Here just Need to Follow the Specific Khula Law in Pakistan.


 The wife can be granted a dissolution of the wedding through khula procedure from law firms in the case of mental illness of her husband under situations where the insanity is: can cause extreme stress to her and renders cohabitation unaffordable as well as In this respect, there are two scenarios that must be distinct: insaneness that is incurable and is not caused by lucid intervals and insaneness that is accompanied by the lucidity of intervals If there is a case of inexplicably insaneness, upon the request of the wife to dissolve and upon proof of the same, the judge or Court on khula procedure from law firms will dissolve the union.

Second Instance:

 In the second instance, (b), the judge or judicial committee may, following a thorough proof of mental illness, prescribe an amount of time in order to allow the husband the opportunity to seek medical treatment. If, at the end of the prescribed time frame when the husband is still not treated for the mental disorder, the judge or judicial committee may, upon the request of the wife or the husband, issue a decree dissolving the marriage.

Khula Procedure:

The right to request immediate annulment of the marriage by khula procedure from law firms, in the case of (a) below, is compatible with the view of the Hanafi madhhab. The three other madhhabs (Maliki Shafi’i, Hanbali, and Maliki) provide for a time period of one year for each of these situations prior to making a dissolution decision. The wife gives up her right to seek a dissolution of marriage on the basis of the husband’s mental illness if: Prior to her marriage, she knew about his mental illness; or After becoming aware of the sanity of the man after becoming aware of his mental illness, she consents to write and accepts living; when she realizes that he is insane, she expressly agrees to live.


 The wife can seek an order to end her marriage if her husband is suffering from a sickness or defect that causes significant prejudice or harm and causes cohabitation intolerance. Imam Muhammad’s remarks in regards to the three first points. (factors that determine dissolution of marriage can be achieved) which includes leprosy and insanity. In addition, Qahastani (R.A.) has added every flaw that doesn’t make a living with the wife a possibility without the possibility of harm or prejudice in khula procedure from law firms.


 According to Shari’ah, the husband is not allowed to abuse his wife in a cruel manner. The husband’s cruelty could take various forms, like constant beatings, assaults, and coercion to do acts that are prohibited by Shari’ah.

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