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Many readers are hugely fond of thrilling Sci-Fi horror books and horror movies. This particular genre provides the readers with mini-adrenaline rushes and skin-crawling scenes that keep them captivated and gripped until they finish reading the book. Sci-Fi horror books are a part of weird fiction that integrates main elements from many genres into a single mind-twisting horror experience that a reader should avoid reading before going to bed. Yet still, once you get gripped to the plot, these horror stories can delightfully keep you up all night, giving you chills to the bone, and frighten you beyond your nightmares.


Readers should always heed that not every horror storybook is considered a mere example of Si-Fi horror. For example, there is a subtle difference between dystopian horror, cosmic fiction, and gothic horror. Unfortunately, particularly in this genre, it is often difficult to identify the characteristics that make it distinctive.

The genre has discrete features that include topics from dystopian futures and satanic thrillers to godly characters possessing demonic powers. These are some traits that the writer Stephen S. Ralph has incorporated in The Reaping book and Prelude to Destruction novel. However, SS Ralph has kept the main essence, thus making the best thrilling Sci-Fi horror books that serve to petrify the reader with the perception of looming fear and horror divine beings that can devour their brains in their sleep. These books have taken the Sci-Fi horror genre to the ultimate level rather than the cliché violence and typical horror story books that are generally known for gore. Here are some of the Sci-Fi Horror traits the author presents in his novels:

Mind-Twisting Story Background

The Sci-Fi horror genre integrates numerous horror and cosmic components to intensify these mind-bending stories. One of the main features of horror books is the flawless incorporation of deep roots of myths and legends that initially exist in almost any culture of belief to get creative and inspiring ideas about mythical mysteries. Then further, by adding a layer of sci-fi, the story is backed by scientific clarifications behind the story’s organic, chemical, and biological facets. The Sci-Fi horror genre would not have existed if it hadn’t used cosmic elements most often beyond human’s capability to perceive. This eventually makes a groundbreaking plot which opens doors for the readers to tap into the core horror of the book.

The Main Protagonist.

Contrary to the brutal, monstrous nature of the book’s villain, there is always a consistent and heroic character with the most protagonist characteristics. In horror genre books, the protagonist is usually less significant in the big picture of the plot but plays a substantial role to a certain degree. These features enhance the genre’s mystery and keep the reader gripped and always fearful for the protagonist’s life.

The Invincible Antagonist

The villains and demons that live in the Sci-Fi horror books of SS Ralph subjectively or not have been on earth in a raw version of old folk tales quite longer than humans. For this reason, they are frequently mentioned in the folk stories of many different cultures. In addition, many ancient rituals are performed to call upon or attempt to manipulate these forces.

The flawless blend of Body Horror and Folk Horror in the Sci-Fi Horror Genre.

Whenever the term ‘folk horror’ is referred for a book, it usually means blending old folk tales to create an inspiring horror story. But, when the term’ body horror’ is described for a book, this indicates the type of story writing that uses human-to-monster transformations and possessing demonic powers. In his works, Stephen S. Ralph describes his demonic deities in such a manner that leaves a stimulating effect on the readers’ brain that assuredly induce changes in both the mind and the body. In addition, SS Ralph integrates these transformations into an old cultural-based narrative, adding a Sci-Fi nature to these dark comedy mythical stories, characters, events and powerful creatures, making it even more irresistible for readers to read!

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