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Schools to Educate on Problem Gambling

The Council for the Curriculum Examinations and Assessment has developed new lessons that will be used in schools to inform students about the harmful effects of gambling. The lessons are geared toward 11 to 14-year-old students and will cover important topics like sports betting and scratch cards. Five different lessons have been created to help teachers in UK schools educate students on the effects of gaming and gambling. The UK is taking many steps to address the current gambling problem and making sure that minors are aware of issues is one way to help prevent further issues.

According to CasinoGambler.co.uk, online gambling offers comparison site, the new initiative by CCEA will be a program that is implemented across the country. However, it is not the first of its kind. Gambling with Lives is a gambling harm charity that introduced an education program in January 2022. This was targeted at 15-16-year-old students in Ireland. The program consisted of a film that depicted the various harms suffered by those with gambling problems.

The UK Schools Minister, Nick Gibb, has announced a compulsory curriculum that will be part of the Persona, Social, Health, and Economic program. This will teach teens about gambling and the harm of addiction. With the growing number of children engaging in gambling activities, teaching about the harmful effects is the first step to helping prevent gambling problems.

Helping Educators Educate

The Gambling Education Framework is a resource that was just launched. The principles have been created in accordance with PSHE Association guidance on preventative education. This will assist educators in delivering educational information on gambling. Teachers must be armed with the resources needed to implement the new curriculum and the new framework will help to provide them with the information and tools needed to address the dangers of gambling among young players.

The need for early education on gambling is essential in the UK. Studies from the UKGC have shown that a large number of underage players are accessing real money websites and wagering. The Young People and Gambling Report issued in 2022 showed that 31% of those between the ages of 11 and 16 spend money on gambling. The same study showed that 0.9% of these are considered problem gamblers.

The government is determined to protect underage gamblers and those that are at risk of gambling harm. Updated legislation is in the works that will be fit for the digital age and will address the issue of minors accessing operating websites that provide real money betting services.

Educators at secondary schools have access to free materials that can assist with teaching. These include a teacher handbook on addressing gambling through education, a lesson pack for KS2, and a lesson pack for KS4. There are also multiple podcasts that can be accessed that can offer some insight into how teachers can cover gambling topics effectively.

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