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Safety tips for carrying and using a self-defense keychain

Are you low on confidence as you are unable to figure out how to use the keychain? You must know how to use the keychain in emergencies. How are you going to learn that? There is no way that you can learn that in your bedroom. 

You need to get out of your comfort zone and join a training place where you can hone your self-defense skills. Moreover, knowing the tips and tricks for keeping a self-defense weapon is also essential. In a moment we are going to share the tips with you so that you can always be ready to attack an intruder.

Keep the keychain in an accessible position:

If you are thinking of carrying a keychain with you make sure that it is at an accessible place from where you can easily grab it. When you are in an emergency it becomes almost impossible to fight off an attacker if you are not ready. 

Having the safety keychain in your purse or back pocket is a must. These are places from where you can instantly grab the keychain to fight the attacker.

Practice with keychain in controlled conditions:

Never attempt to practice with a keychain in areas like your bedroom or your living room. You are always at risk of injuring yourself as well as the people around you. So, it is better to opt for a controlled environment when you are looking to improve your skills.

One way of getting things done is by joining a self-defense training class. The mentors at these training places will train you to effectively use the self-defense weapon. Moreover, as it is a controlled and safe environment you will also be safe. 

Cleverly hide the keychain:

Never draw attention as it can get you in unnecessary trouble. While carrying a self defense keychain you should always keep it hidden. In this way, your attacker will have no idea if you are carrying a self-defense weapon. So, in case someone approaches you and his antics are a bit odd. You can defend yourself properly with the help of the self-defense weapon that you have on you.

Use it as a last resort:

Owning a self defense keychain doesn’t mean that you should be flaunting it everywhere you go. Remember that these are safety weapons that should only be used as a last resort when you don’t have a plan B. 

Always ensure that you are carrying a self-defense weapon but never use it unless there is no other option. Moreover, have proper training in your arsenal so that if you have to face an attacker you are always confident and up to the task.

In addition to this, Have some background knowledge of laws applicable in your state. In this way, you will only choose the self-defense weapon that is legal to use in your state or country.  You can get a briefing on the laws applicable in your state from a competent lawyer.   

Final words:

Self-defense training is essential for effectively using a keychain in times of emergencies. Practice is exactly what you are lacking. When you don’t practice properly you are unable to take advantage of the safety tool that you have in your pocket. Therefore, join a self-defense training class as soon as possible.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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