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Rudraksha Lovers Purn Pran Prathistha Process

We asked Rudraksha Lovers about their purna pran prathista process at your request, and their response was so gentle that you can learn about it by reading the section below, but before that, basic knowledge is that they perform this process to enhance rudraksha power, not to give power to rudraksha.

Types of Pran Prathista Process Done By Rudraksha Lovers

They do it in two ways, and they do it when the rudraksha is ready for delivery; before that, all the majors like activation and testing of the rudraksha are completed, so they do it last. Basically, they enhance rudraksha power by chanting the beej mantra and Om Namah Shivaya, and they do some steps like doing Abhishek of rudraksha with Panchamrit and flowers and chanting mantras.

There are two types of prana prathista processes done by them: free purna prana prathista process and purn prana prathista process; you have to ask them for purn pran prathista {as they have extra charges} with the rudraksha.

Prana PrathistaPurn Prana Prathista
Free5100/- / 65$
Pandit ji chants the beej mantra 108 times.Shiv Sadhaks chants the beej mantra 11,000 times.
Only includes panchayat and flowers.Including Abhishek of rudraksha with the entire abhishek samagri.
Rudraksha energizes for a short period. Rudraksha gets energized for a longer time.
Works a little more effectively than normal.Rudraksha will work more effectively. 
Doesn’t leave an impact on its working time.Rudraksha will work fast than normal. 
It will prevent you from negative energies.It will prevent negative energy but not fully.
Normal BenefitsLots of other spiritual benefits.
15 Min. Process11 Days Process

Rudraksha Lovers Purn Prana Prathista Process Explained 

Rudraksha Lovers follow 3 steps process and then delivers it in which the first step is to check and clean it and second is about its activation and the third is the purn prana pratishtha process.

In this process, they enhance rudraksha power so the wearer can get more benefits but the simple Pran pratishtha process works for a small period of time and doesn’t give that many benefits, and if you wear a rudraksha which is fully charged it will be beneficial for you.

In the advanced process, one gets almost all the benefits of rudraksha and can get more spiritual benefits like he would be able to chat mantra more efficiently and will enhance and get full energy of that mantra and the rudraksha will be prevented from all types of negative energies, which are stronger enough to damage rudraksha because purn prana pratishtha process also increases the capability of rudraksha and energies of rudraksha, 

It will work super fast if you do the purn prana pratishtha process.

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