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Revolutionizing Aesthetics: The Power of Fat Melting Injections in Dubai

Everyone dreams of getting a smart and slim body but fails to achieve their dream body after doing every possible trick of losing extra fat. For people who want instant and non-invasive treatment of melting fat Don’t get upset and book us not at Tajmeels Clinic in Dubai to get the best fat-melting injection which turns the fat body into slim. 

What are fat-melting injections? 

Fat melting injections as you can guess from the name are injections that can melt the fat in the body. These injections are also known as lipolytic injections. Lipolysis is basically a procedure of breaking down fat cells’ triglycerides into glycerol and other three fatty acids. Get your appointment now at Tajmeels Clinic in Dubai, we are here to help you dissolve fat cells which extract the extra fat from the body and allow a candidate to gain a smart body shape. 

Types of fat-melting injections:

There are many types of fat-melting injections, and each type has its own function and is as follows: 

L-carnitine injections:

This injection is made up of amino acids which play a significant role in the metabolic system. 

This injection helps to reduce the weight. They are used for large areas such as thighs and abdomen fat reduction


Aqualyx injections are used to reduce fats and help in breaking down hard fat cells which are not reduced through exercise. It is also known as sodium deoxycholate. The areas include the chin, love handles, and thighs.


Kybella injection helps to reduce small areas of the fat body like a double chin. This injection is FDA-approved. It includes the breaking down of deoxyribose acid that results in the breakdown of the chin area, more contoured cheeks and facial looks. 


Mesotherapy is an injection made up of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals These substances help to reduce fat and this injection also helps to tighten the skin.

Deoxycholic acid injection

These injections are common and are helpful in reducing fat-melting injections. The combination of bile, acid, and deoxycholic acid produces a natural substance i.e. phosphatidylcholine. 


It is a combination of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholic acid which helps in breaking down fat cells. and as result loose the weight of different parts of the body

Before taking any type of fat-melting injection consult your doctor and let him decide the suitable injection for you. 


The results of fat-melting injections are permanent,  quick, and safe.


The benefits of fat-melting injections are as follows: 

  • Safe and noninvasive treatment
  • Fatter tummy
  • Double chin 
  • Weight reduce
  • More dressing option
  • Better social life
  • Improvement in self confidence

Ideal Candidate:

The following candidates are ideal and perfect for getting fat melting injections:

  • Someone who wants to reduce weight 
  • Candidate with high weight
  • Anyone who does not want to get surgical treatment. 

Pre-care Instructions:

The following are pre-care instructions: 

  • Do not use skin care products
  • Avoid using retinol serums
  • Prevent yourself from drinking alcohol
  • Apply sunscreen on the skin

How is the Procedure done?

The procedure of fat melting can only be done by a professional and qualified doctor and this treatment is considered to be effective and safe.


The following are the steps of the procedure: 

Consultation: The initial step is to consult your doctor first and tell him about your desired goals 

Preparation: the targeted area should be cleaned in order to reduce the infection risk. 

Numbing cream: to reduce the pain, sometimes the targeted area shall be cleaned by using numbing cream.

Anesthesia: before injecting the injection, the doctor gives the local anesthesia to the areas that are fat.

Injection: After numbing the area, the doctor injects the needle under the skin into the fat.

Duration of the process: the duration of the procedure is totally dependent on the fat area. For instance, removing the fat from a small area will take 15 to 20 minutes and if the area of treatment is large then the duration will expand. 

Follow up: always follow up multiple appointments to get the best results. After every six to eight weeks, fat injections must be repeated. 

Targeted areas for fat-melting injections:

The following are the areas : 

  • Arms
  • Double chin
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen

Post-care Instructions: 

The doctor will provide you with some post-care instructions in order to get the best results. some of them are as follows:

  • Avoid sun contact
  • Do not lift heavy weights
  • Must apply an ice pack to the injected area

Book an Appointment! 

Book us now at Tajmeels clinic in Dubai and get instant results of weight and fat loss from our specialized doctor. Our doctors are approved by the FDA and by choosing our doctors, you will feel satisfied. Moreover, our doctors can provide you with more information. 

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