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Relationship red flag you should not be ignoring

Relationships are hard to manage. There is no manual that offers you sound advice always into how to go about situations. Worse yet is the fact that so many people have a completely fairy tale like view of relationships, and it’s when their partner shows their true face that they get acquainted with the reality. 

Therefore, knowing the red flags before the relationship becomes serious is important. It means that you can get out timely, before you invest too much into something that is bound to go south or hurt you in the very least. 

Red Flags to watch out for

Selfish nature 

Partnerships, as the name also entails, is a bilateral relationship. One has to be careful about the needs, emotions, time, and finances of the other person. If, however, they are selfish, and all they think about is them, their convenience, then perhaps you need to get out.

Another point of concern is the sexual needs. Sex is about mutual pleasure, and a selfish partner who is not concerned about your needs is a matter to be alarmed about. However, if there is a genuine issue, then do consult a sexologist in Lahore

Actions don’t match their words

When your actions don’t coincide with your words, it means that the person is a hypocrite. Being stuck in a relationship in which your partner is unable to follow their own words can be extremely bad for your sanity. Hence, do perceive it as a red flag. 

Anger issues

If your partner has anger management issues, and they are not ready to admit to it, or work on it, then consider it as a red flag. Their anger may also escalate to unsafe levels, and so, there is chance that you might get hurt. Hence, watch out for yourself. 

All the previous relationships are bad 

Be vary of people who always label others as bad, and themselves as the good people who suffered at the hands of these relatives. There are no absolutes in this world, and when someone continuously shirks the blame off their shoulders onto others means that their thinking pattern is not okay, which is a red flag.  

Fast pace of a relationship 

If your partner is rushing into things, then that is not a good sign. They might be doing this to manipulate you into thinking that you cannot live without them, which naturally gives them an upper hand. 

Saying things like I love you, I can’t live without you etc. far too soon into the relationship also rings insincere. However, if you are comfortable at the fast pace of the relationship, and you are not feeling ill at ease, then perhaps the pace is right for you. 


Even if they are nice to you, if your partner is rude to others, especially those in a lesser position of power than you, then it is not a good sign. As the adage goes, if you want to judge someone, look at how they treat those below them. 

Your friends are not okay 

Friends are often better judges of a character, since they are not as emotionally vested as you are. If they are not fond of them, or do not like spending time with them, or your partner bad-mouths them, then it’s also a red flag. 


Gaslighting is when your partner denies your experiences, making you doubt your own self. They try to make you feel as if you are exaggerating, being sensitive, are not thinking straight; essentially, manipulating you into thinking that your version of reality is not real. 

It is a very serious matter. It not only makes you extremely vulnerable, but also is damaging your psychological well being. So, get out of the relationship fast, and consider getting help from a mental health expert in Islamabad International Hospital to undo the damage being done by your partner. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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