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Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle Clothes To Cut Down On Waste

India has always been a sustainable country, as we have seen our mothers reuse almost everything instead of converting it into waste. Be it a piece of old cloth or a simple piece of cardboard, we use it until the time it actually turns into waste. You can be a part of sustainability with Little Box Coupon Codes through Cashaly, as they create sustainable apparel.

Sustainability comes from within and is not too difficult to follow. You need to do some research and start your journey to keeping the planet safe. You can start with your old clothes, which might be old-fashioned or just not in good enough condition to be worn.

Stay tuned to learn more about how to reduce, reuse, and recycle clothes to cut down on waste.

7 Methods To Remodel Old Clothes And Cut Down On Waste

Let us go through the different methods to help you reduce waste and repurpose old clothes.

Recycling or Upcycling

Rugs or carpets have been around forever when it comes to recycling or upcycling. Recycling is one of the most common ways to avoid creating waste with old clothes. There are many organisations that take old clothes and turn them into new ones. It saves landfills from all the clothing waste, and people get new clothes from the old ones.

Organisations like Doodlage take the initiative to save landfills from tonnes of clothes thrown away by people. They take that so-called waste and upcycle it into various cool things that can be used but also look great. These upcycled or remanufactured clothes are the best to buy instead of something completely new.

Clothing Donations

Donating your old or unwanted clothes is another way to contribute to keeping the environment safe. There are many people who are in need of these clothes, and they can be very useful for them. These people cannot afford to buy new clothes or are simply happy to wear old clothes as well.

Many organisations collect old clothes and send them to orphanages and old-age homes. These organisations also find people who live on footpaths and need clothes to protect themselves in every season. You can either directly find people in need of clothes or reach out to the organisations that are always present for this noble cause.

Clothing Swaps

Clothing swaps are not a new concept in India. We have been doing this for ages now, and at that time, we felt like getting something new. Remember when you were given your elder sibling’s uniforms or received clothes from your cousins? How good it felt. Sometimes, it felt boring too, but we have lived a sustainable lifestyle in clothing before.

Similarly, after growing up, instead of adapting to fast fashion, create a group of friends who would love to swap clothes. It is one of the best ways to enjoy something new and not create heaps of waste with old clothes.


Find a creative person at home or in your friend circle, or if you are creative, you can customise your old clothes, giving them a completely new look and feel. Customization helps transform old clothes into something completely new that also looks trendy.

For example, you can add some patches, buttons, or embroidery to your clothes that you feel need some upgrading. You can convert your jeans into shorts and use the leftover clothing as patches on other clothes.

Home Décor

Again, this is a wonderful way of using unused clothes to decorate your home. There are many ways to achieve this, and some of them you can find in your home already. Mothers are great artists and have used old clothes in so many ways that are inspiring for everyone.

You can create cushion covers from old sarees, stuffed toys from unused t-shirts, or quilts from old bedsheets. Your elders in your home will give you endless options to decorate your home with these clothes that will enhance your home decor.

Donate to Animal Shelters

Animals like dogs, cats, cows, sheep, goats, and many more feel every weather condition. They look up to humans to help them when it’s winter or rainy season. Your old or unused clothes can help them save their lives in these difficult times. You can donate your clothes to animal shelters, where they can be used as their beds, covering their bodies in the winter, and for many other purposes.

In your streets and societies, you can use these clothes to help stray animals. They also need some extra care in seasons other than summer. Make the right move and help the needy animals. You can donate old blankets, towels, or bed sheets that will make the best beds for these animals.

Eco-friendly Fabric Clothes

In the fast-fashion era, you get a huge variety of fabrics in clothes. However, a few fabrics are eco-friendly, and the rest are synthetic and might also contain plastic. Therefore, it is important to choose fabrics that can be decomposed easily and will not harm nature.

Some of the eco-friendly fabrics are organic cotton, hemp, linen, bamboo textiles, and jute. While purchasing online, you can apply filters to these fabrics and shop. And in offline shopping, you should cross-check the fabric label before making the final purchase. Also, always buy quality fabrics that last longer.


In this blog, we have discussed methods to reduce, reuse, and recycle clothes to cut down on waste. All these methods are effective, and many people have been following them for a long time now. You can also be part of this wonderful journey and make the earth a better place. Starting sustainability with clothes can help you take greater steps in saving the earth with The Souled Store Coupons through Cashaly. Choose your way out of fast fashion to slow fashion, which has a brighter future.

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