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Fantastic views of the Arabian Desert are offered in Dubai on the Red Dune Desert Safari. With live entertainment and cultural events, it will be the most exciting expedition for adventurers. In a luxurious land cruiser, depart the bustling city and enter the peaceful desert, pausing briefly for a well-deserved rest before continuing. Stop in the desert to relax, take in the scenery, and record chance occurrences. You will feel the kindness of the Arabian people as you are greeted at Camp, as is typical with Arabic tea and coffee. While you dine, take advantage of the camel ride, sandboarding through the dunes, and other activities.

The Dubai red dune desert safari offers impressive views of the Arabian desert. With live entertainment and cultural events, it will be the most exciting journey for adventurers. The sand dunes make the ideal setting for a picnic meal. Visitors may take in the sunset over the dunes as the sun sinks below the horizon. For those looking for an unforgettable and thrilling trip while visiting Dubai, this experience is perfect.


A desert safari includes dune-bashing in a large vehicle and is a memorable excursion. The dunes in the desert are constantly moving, creating new ones every minute. Sand can be difficult to drive on, but tough cars like 4 X 4 Land Cruisers are designed to withstand these perilous dunes.

The Dubai Desert Safari includes additional activities in the campsite and the desert. Some offered activities are sandboarding, a trip to a nearby camel farm, and watching the desert sunset. Traditional Arabic hospitality is available in the desert camp, including feasts, Sheesha smoking, belly dance, and Tanura dancing.


You’ll be surprised by our classic Arabic-style desert camp. On this trip, we decided for our clients to dress in traditional Arabic attire and enjoy a free photograph in Arabic attire. You may amuse your family and friends by sharing images on social media. Enjoy free refreshments throughout the evening, including water, coffee, tea, and soft drinks. Enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner while watching a belly dance, fire, and Tanura dance performance. You’ll also get a free hand henna tattoo. A readily available, sparkling, effervescent smoking place is also available. We will make arrangements for your return to your hotel or apartment once you have finished your dinner.


The most comprehensive and varied range of Adventure Tours and Desert Safaris in Dubai can be found at Magical Dubai. We are Dubai’s most trusted travel operator. Due to its reputation as the city’s most memorable tour, the Dubai Desert Safari is a well-liked tourist destination in Dubai. For Dubai’s Famous Desert Safari, Magical Dubai Tourism is happy to provide several budget-friendly packages, ensuring visitors get the most out of their trip.

By choosing any Desert Safari service, you can be mesmerized by a spotless morning (Morning Desert Safari), a lovely sunset (Evening Desert Safari), or the glittering stars adorning the sky at night (Overnight Desert Safari). The best thing is that you may indulge in this pleasure without spending much money. Because we are concerned about your financial circumstances, we keep our pricing low.

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