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How to recover deleted Telegram messages in Android and iOS: Step by step guide

Telegram is a free instant messaging app which is available for the users to use and not only this but it has also gained huge popularity among the users nowadays. 

There are many users who are nowadays looking for ways which they can use to know how to recover deleted telegram messages and this is where our blog comes in as in this blog we are going to guide our users about how they will be able to see the deleted texts on the platform. 

Methods to recover the deleted messages on telegram 

Recovering messages using iTunes 

The users need to select the option of recover from itunes mode and then they need to select the itune back up they want. 

Following this the users will have to press on scan button so that they can get the itunes back up. 

After the user have previewed the messages of telegram they just need to tap on the recovery button which they will find at the bottom of the page, the users will see that now their chats of telegram have been restored and now they can access any chat they want. 

Recovering messages using icloud 

Another way to get the deleted messages is to click on the option of recover from icloud and now they have to fill in the username as well as the password of their icloud or Apple account. 

Tap on scan button and then after finding the messages which the users want to recover they just need to click on recover. Once, the process is done the users will get the messages they have been looking for. 

If the users want to know about more ways then, they can anytime visit the website onlinehubb which will have all the necessary information for the users which the need. 

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Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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