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Reasons Why Your Clinic Must Have a Red Light Therapy

Extending your clinic’s scope of services may boost its long-term success. However, with the ever-evolving nature of medical technology and the ever-expanding breadth of available treatment choices, it may be difficult to choose which therapies to include. Adding red light therapy to your office might be the best move you make all year due to the many advantages it provides to both your patients and your business.

Photobiomodulation (PBMT), or red light therapy, facilitates cellular repair by increasing ATP synthesis. More specifically, red light therapy may go deep into the tissue, where it can reach injured cells and excite their mitochondria. Enhanced energy generation has been shown to have beneficial effects on inflammation, healing time, and pain perception.


Patients put their faith in you to provide them with the care that will improve their health. Red light therapy is an effective, painless, and non-invasive method of treating inflammation, discomfort, and movement issues.

Patients may improve their physical and mental health with the aid of highly adaptable photobiomodulation devices that use cutting-edge LED technology. Sun damage, actinic keratosis patches, wrinkles, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation are all issues that may be remedied with this treatment. Damaged dermal tissue is repaired and new, healthy skin is generated as a result of treatments that boost collagen production, eliminate scarring from cuts and scrapes, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and clear up cystic acne by increasing the skin’s supply of inflammatory mediators and repairing its extracellular matrix.

By modulating the electron transport chain, PBMT helps TBI patients with headaches, insomnia, and cognitive decline (ETC). Using red light therapy for the treatment of inflammation induced by oxidative stress and to avoid delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is beneficial for exercise and sports performance.

Encourages the Arrival of Fresh Clients

Due to its low risk and a high potential for positive outcomes, red light therapy is rapidly gaining popularity among both patients and medical professionals. Photobiomodulation treatment is something that may help bring in new clients if the word gets out. The fact that red light therapy really works to improve patients’ moods means they are more inclined to spread the word about your business.

Reduced Upkeep Expenses

Devices that use red light therapy will be used to replace older ones. If you’ve been in business for a while, you’ve undoubtedly got some outdated equipment that’s always breaking down. Investing in newer TheraLight gear also helps cut down on expensive downtime caused by aging devices needing repairs.

Positive Return On Investment

If you aren’t confident that investing in cutting-edge medical technology will pay off, just the idea of doing so may cause a price shock. Improved patient outcomes, expanded clientele, less overhead, and higher profits are just some of the ways in which red light therapy may pay for itself. Investing in a useful tool rapidly recoups its cost via a cash-based service, plus it helps your business expand so that it can bring in more money in the future.

Payment Is Made in Cash

By eliminating the need to submit claims to insurance companies and wait for reimbursement, offering red light therapy as a cash-based service may provide a rapid return on investment.


Inflation has likely put a strain on your practice’s bottom line, so finding methods to stretch your budget in 2021 will be crucial if your business is like many others around the country. However, there are ways to reduce the overall expense of red light treatment. Financing the machinery allows you to pay for it in installments rather than all at once, and claiming a tax deduction for the system’s price (using Form 4562) may help you save money. You may get a feel for how effective photobiomodulation is by renting a device instead of buying one outright.

The Unique Aspect of Your Practice

Your medical center may differentiate itself from competitors by offering red light therapy. Many patients will be looking for technically-advanced treatment for diseases they obtained during the pandemic, therefore competition amongst clinics to recruit customers is likely to be fierce. Providing patients with options for care that don’t need surgery or other invasive procedures is one way to show that your business is cutting edge.

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