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4 Ways Real Estate Marketing Professionals Can Get More Leads from Digital Marketing   

It looks like real estate and digital marketing are two worlds apart. To buy a house, customers prefer to physically visit the house and decide if they should go with the plan. Digital marketing is entirely about the internet, and there is little place for the physical world. However, real estate marketers can use digital marketing to get customers close to the physical world. It helps them filter out leads who would be more likely to make a deal. Real estate marketers can use these four techniques to attract quality leads.

Invest in Facebook Ads

Facebook has millions of users, so real estate marketers can use this platform to get quality leads. It offers them specialized targeting features while keeping marketing costs low. Brands can work with a digital marketing company in Mumbai to target their audience by zip code, age, and income levels and reach those looking to relocate. 

Brands can create property ads on Facebook and target only customers who have shown interest in a property. Whenever a user interacts with a post featuring a property, the algorithm will give them similar properties and recommendations. When businesses know their goals, they can use Facebook’s advanced targeting features to show the ads to the right audience. If they need help, they can hire a digital marketing company in Mumbai to make property ads for them.

Real estate marketers should also include videos about their properties. Customers are aware that a few photographs clicked at different angles could give a different picture from reality. But if marketers shoot realistic videos and post them on their listings, it will build trust with the audience. If possible, brands can work with the best digital marketing company in India in the area to create a 360 video. The virtual tour of the property helps people move around the house and stop at places to take a closer look. 

The photographs used in the copy should be of the highest quality. Brands can hire professional photographers to do the job for them. In online real estate marketing, people judge a property by its appearance on the copy. So, it is necessary to put the best quality photographs, but they should be realistic. For an effective copy, brands can get the help of the best digital marketing company in their area.

Invest in Content Marketing 

Before the arrival of the internet, people asked their friends and relatives for referrals. But now, they can use the web to search for properties in their desired locations. There are thousands of listings found online on real estate sites. If real estate brands should get noticed, they should post frequently on their website. Content marketing helps them target people from different places with the help of keywords. 

People search online on how to buy a property at affordable prices. Likewise, they are searching for properties in specific locations. Finding the agents and real estate professionals who help them buy properties is their concern. Real estate brands can solve the problem by writing content that answers their questions. When they help people find answers to their pressing questions, more people start to engage with the site. It would bring even more people as the algorithm pushes the site forward in the rankings.

Content marketing also helps brands establish expertise in the industry and position themselves as a reliable service provider that people can trust. For this, they have to post content related to real estate with their target audience in mind. Some people plan to buy a house, and others prepare their house for a sale. There are also people planning to make house renovations. When brands write about these topics, they can get more reach and attract quality leads.

Written content attracts quality leads with the help of keywords. But brands can also use video content, podcasts, and infographics to attract more traffic. 

Being active on professional networking sites 

Real estate marketers should create accounts on social networking sites. These platforms are places where businesses and customers from different backgrounds meet. There are also real estate professionals and customers on those platforms who want to invest in real estate. LinkedIn and other networking sites allow marketers to post their listings and attract quality leads. These platforms also help marketers to connect with other real estate professionals. It helps them establish good relationships and get referrals about leads interested in their services. 

There are also real-estate-specific networking sites. Real estate marketers should be active on these sites. They should regularly post there and boost their reputation. They can ask past clients for reviews and increase their chances of getting sales conversions.


Homebuyers use their mobile phones to look for properties today. Their phones are equipped with the GPS feature that helps them receive recommendations about properties in their target location. Real estate marketers can use geofencing to target people within a specific radius around a particular place. Marketers can set push notifications so that whenever someone enters the target radius, he will receive a message on his phone. They can also target malls, shopping centers, and other public spaces through geofencing. Interested customers will respond to the message, and marketers can nurture and convert them sooner.

Real estate marketers need a digital marketing agency in mumbai  to supplement their efforts to find leads. Digital marketing is not a replacement for other methods of lead generation. Many customers come through referrals from friends and relatives. But still, digital marketing keeps its doors open and lets many people know about the availability of a property for sale.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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