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Questions to Ask From Your Spouse Visa Consultant in Sydney

The immigration process for a spouse visa (or any visa) is a puzzling experience. As an applicant, you may find it a big jigsaw puzzle to solve, and being unaware about the application process, rule and laws of the country, it may take you an eternity to solve it. Therefore, it is quite understandable if you are confused and finding it difficult to process your spouse visa immigration application.

All countries have strict immigration policies and laws to adhere. If you fail to submit your spouse visa application with incomplete documents or unfulfilled requirements, the immigration authorities will show no leniency in refusing your visa application. Therefore, when it comes to the immigration process, it is best you let the spouse visa specialist in Sydney take care of everything.

However, finding the right spouse visa specialist can be a daunting task. But, no worries! Following we have listed a few essential questions you must ask your spouse visa consultant before hiring them.

Questions to Ask a Visa Specialist

Prepare a list of questions before you meet a visa specialist to ensure you are hiring the best of the person out there. We are here to help you with those questions. You can modify them as per your needs but make sure your basics are clear with them. The questions are as follows:

How long the visa specialist is working in the immigration field?

Choose a visa specialist who has various options available for you to apply for your spouse visa and a good number of experience. After all, it is a very important and crucial part of your life and thus, should be handled carefully. The visa specialist must be in business for a minimum of 10 years to ensure his reliability and credibility. Ask how the specialist will evaluate your profile, showing his qualification and knowledge in the field. Also, choose a visa specialist from your country itself. The other way around can be difficult and things might go wrong. Remember, you have to look for someone who is a ‘best fit for you’.

Do you specialize in visas and family immigration law?

Many immigration firms are fully aware of the immigration law of the country and cities in it. If the concerned person is not aware of immigration laws especially the ones involved with your visa application, you need to look for someone else. This lack of knowledge can be troublesome while they are handling your spouse visa applications. Therefore, look for someone who is thorough with all immigration laws of the country and can manage critical visa applications in case there is any.

How long has the specialist been practising immigration law?

There is no alternative of dealing with a situation, which involves immigration laws and responsibilities, and the person is unaware of any. You have to see, whether an experienced immigration specialist is empowered with the knowledge of immigration laws, law enforcement, and has good relationships with the officials involved or not. All these things will add up to the success of your visa application.

What tasks will the specialist will cover for you?

Ask your visa specialist whether they can complete and submit all your documents and other things required or not. Will they be able to assist you with your visa case, help you attend interviews and everything involved or not? You need to ensure that the visa specialist is able to handle all tasks involved in your visa application for the success of your spouse visa.

What are your estimated costs?

Ask the partner visa specialist about the cost involved in the process. Imagine you began the application and later came to know that the cost for the service is excluding your budget. That will be a tough position to be in. Therefore, you must get an estimate beforehand about the fees or any extra costs involved in the visa application process.

Summing Up

The spouse visa specialist that you will hire for your visa application must be able to assist you in every way possible. You can seek assistance from Asia Pacific Group – Migration & Education Consultancy located across the beautiful country – Australia. With extensive knowledge and good number of experience in this field, we assure you the best results possible.

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