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Quad Bikes – Happiness on four wheels

A quad bike rental tour is properly called a car that has 4 tires and weighs less than 1210lbs – but not a car. Driving it on the road requires an MV license, registration as per national and provincial laws not to mention compulsory insurance cover.

It is an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) designed for off-road use in various locations, a workhorse for farmhouses, posts and haciendas. They may also be labeled as Quad Bikes, ATVs and Quads. Although they are the same.

The history of the quad goes back to 1893 when Royal Enfield marketed its first motorized quadracycle. By 1899, the firm was making Quadra bicycles with de Dion motors, then began sampling Minerva engines mounted on thicker bicycle frames. 

The Minerva was clamped to the front side down tube. Despite belonging to the bicycle category, the Enfield quadricycle – quad biking is designed as a ‘horseless vehicle’ for general use.

Around the same time, Henry Ford, an American car manufacturer, built the quadricycle, in fact, the quadricycle was the earliest car ever made by Ford. That quadracycle was only two cylinders, 2-speed and no reverse. It was 500lbs.

He sold his quad in 1896 for a mere $200 – a tidy sum in those days – and bought it back for $60 some time later. In modern times, a majority, if not all motorcycle manufacturers now offer quad bikes for sale and due to the appeal of the sport, we have publications devoted solely to quad bikes as well as related ATVs.

 Kids are no longer left out of the picture and in fact, they have tournaments all over the place where youngsters can ‘strut their stuff’ behind the handlebars of kids’ all-terrains.

Activities may be able to demonstrate skill and knowledge in machine management; To the Provincial or State Administration concerned.

If the ATV is to be used on the road or for racing, it is best to check with the DMV at your state or provincial office for licensing questions, certifications, etc. But apart from that, the fun you are going to have with these toys for adults cannot be compared to anything else. 

If you have experience with motorbikes, you must know that quad bikes have nothing in common, it’s great fun but in a completely different way!

Mark Winston has been a motorsports fanatic for as long as he can remember. He has tested anything from autos to motorbikes, quad bikes and tri bikes. He loves quad bikes.

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