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Chanel Bags is a good option to invest in if you want a bag to keep going with you for multiple seasons. Its level of quality can’t be questioned but still, we need to take some safety measures to protect it from sagging. Chanel bags base shaper is a great way to protect your investment and make them look brand new again!

When we purchase prized luxury handbags, there’s a clear expectation in our minds that they last with us for years. But unfortunately, its price doesn’t justify its lifespan. This happens if proper care isn’t given to them. Read on more if you want to learn how to protect your favourite bag from slouching and some more tips!

Put your purse in the right place

Placement of bags in the upright direction is what ideally everyone does. This thing goes wrong when you wrap the bag in a plastic cover or any non-breathable bag. Moisture over the bag can affect its shape. You are suggested to use any cotton cloth, soft, and dry for your purse’s coverage. 

Keep them away from dust and sunlight. Don’t put bags over each other. You can use a flat-surfaced shelf to organise all your bags. Using a wooden hanger is another underrated way to store your purse safely.  

Overloading your bag isn’t good

The baggy bottom is what every bag lover is tired of. There’s nothing wrong with the brand. Your usage makes it look like that. If you want to fix this issue, stop carrying heavier items in your bag. Buy a bag organiser or a bag shaper instead if you can’t lessen the things.

A Bag base shaper is preferred because it’s not as heavy as a bag organiser. Buy yours now from MBoutique

Stuff with papers 

For providing a good internal structure to your bag, stuff your bag. It will be helpful in avoiding a sag or baggy look. Make sure the fabric you are going to stuff won’t affect the beauty of your Chanel bag. Acid-free paper, tissue, scarves, or any other soft fabric can be utilised for this purpose. 

Buy a Base Shaper

A base Shaper is an essential bag accessory made up of mostly plastic. It lets your designer bag handle heavier and weighty items like a makeup pouch or a water bottle. As the bottom will be protected by a liner, your bag will not stretch out and your look will be rescued. 

You are suggested to buy a bag base shaper from MBoutique. The quality offered by them is worth-trying and impressive. Their products will make your bag look tempting and glamorous. They are designed to provide a flat base for your baggy bag. 

Find the perfect match for your Chanel bag by ordering the right size and colour. Hunting for an accurate product for your purse is essential. Make sure that you are not buying a base shaper that is stiff and heavy. It can spoil the internal corners of your accessory over time. 

Invest in maintenance products

If you genuinely care for the health of your bag, spend some amount for its maintenance. It won’t hurt your pocket as MBoutique is offering a huge range of bag shapers for your Chanel bag at a reasonable price. Visit their online store now! You will be amazed by seeing the price tags. 

Choosing the fabric according to your handbag is an important point. Make sure what you’re buying will not be harsh to your bag’s internal structure. The coolest part is that you can order a customised bottom protector for your purse for the best results. 

Don’t wait until the last minute

Don’t let those small repairs affect your budget. Look for an immediate fix as early as you can. Ignoring any little sign of bagginess can result in something you can’t afford. Check out the wide collection from MBoutique before it’s too late. 

Bottom protectors delivered by them are soft, light weighted, dual-sided with rounded edges, and originated to uplift your bag’s structure and protect it from sag. 

Final Thoughts

Do you love your Chanel bags but hate how easily they sag? Chanel handbag base shaper from MBoutique all that you need! They’re designed to help keep your bags looking fresh and perfect all day long.

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