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Pros & Cons of Security Metal Detectors

In business, safety and security are key. Businesses work hard to ensure people visiting your place of work are safe and secure. One way you can do this is by having reliable security systems. For example, adding a security metal detector can help in scanning. These devices use electromagnetic induction principles that help in detecting metallic objects. If it detects something, the alarm beeps to notify the security personnel. It is a secure way to add safety to your business. 


  • Offers safety

Safety and security are vital for any business model. So people coming and going out of the business premises need to be scanned as a security measure. It will ensure that those with malicious intent don’t sneak in harmful objects that can be a threat to other people. Businesses use metal detectors to guarantee visitors, security, and safety. But if a thorough check is necessary, it’s better to opt for a deep search metal detector (DSMD)

  • They are less intrusive.

Normally manual security inspections can be tiring and intrusive. For you to save time and conduct thorough searches, a metal detector can be helpful. It will enable security personnel to do their work without invading anyone’s privacy. Don’t fear getting a metal detector, as the hand held metal detector price is fair and affordable.

  • They are convenient and efficient.

Metal detectors use the electromagnetic induction principle. So, when a person goes through it with metal objects, it detects and warns the security personnel. It means in terms of function, metal detectors offer convenience and efficiency.


Any device on the face of the earth cannot lack cons. Unfortunately, the metal detectors are not exceptional, and here are some cons.

Can give a false alarm

As with any system, metal detectors can make errors which can lead to false alarms. Since they can only detect electrically conductive or magnetic objects, things that are not dangerous but magnetic get flagged. For instance, people with metal in their bodies can set off handheld metal detectors. In most cases, security personnel can see on their computers if the objects are harmless or not. 

Also, as mentioned, metal detectors create electromagnetic fields that can cause electrical interference in electronic devices. Some devices it can affect include pacemakers, which can have fatal effects on the person. Therefore, it is advised that these people should avoid passing through metal detectors.

In other situations, metal detectors give a force alarm if people wear jewellery or carry loose change. False alarms caused by metal detectors can inconvenience security personnel and the person.

The solution to avoiding this problem is looking for a reliable security solutions company. Invest in a good quality metal detector, as it is a great addition to your security system. They ensure security, are less intrusive and portable. Get one today!

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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