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Pros and cons of buying gold bullion from gold dealers

Have you ever thought about buying gold as an investment? Or merely as a pastime?

In the era of instant internet stock trading and investment accounts, money can frequently seem almost unreal. Many of us no longer view our money as a secure asset.

Therefore, when investing their money, people avoid interacting with banks, agents, and distributors. They will buy gold bullion as a long-term investment compared to mutual funds, equities, or bonds. 

An investor can decide to put money into gold for various reasons. Some people enjoy physically seeing their investment when they invest in gold since it gives them more confidence. No matter where people store their gold—at home, in a storage unit, or in a bank vault—they always have access to it and can do so confidently. 

Contrarily, when you invest in the financial markets, you get a slip of paper or a website that lists your assets and current balance. Others may buy gold because they generally lack faith in the capital markets. 

For this reason, investing in and desiring to buy gold has a very pleasant and substantial quality. Nothing beats visiting a coin shop, leaving with a small but hefty paper bag, taking it home, and feeling the weight of each coin.

But is buying gold worth it? Let’s examine some pros and cons of purchasing gold bullion as an investment.

Pros Of Buying Gold Bullions

Disaster insurance

Many believe that gold will always be in demand, regardless of how difficult things become. 

The concept is that even if a massive war or financial downturn leads the economy to crash or your property to be damaged, you will always have a valued asset.

Inflation Hedge

Savings account balances gradually decrease in value as a result of rising inflation. That loss is felt during inflation when the price of everything—from a piece of bread to a tank of fuel- is considerably higher. 

Concrete And Uncomplicated:

It’s simple to invest in gold bars. You select your desired purchase amount and complete the transaction. You own your gold bullion regardless of what happens in the market because they are a tangible asset. 

Although complex global conditions influence the price of precious metals, buying gold is not complicated. You purchase a specific amount and hang onto it while its value increases. 

Gold bullion is simple to sell when the time comes. You decide when to buy and when to sell.


Rather than putting all their eggs in one basket, many investors choose to spread their money around. 

Therefore, you might invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, and gold, reasoning that if the market collapses and the value of your first three assets declines, your gold will either hold its value or increase.


Risks Of Buying Fake Gold Bullions 

The number of dishonest merchants attempting to take advantage of easily fooled buyers grows as demand for gold increases. You are responsible for ensuring that the gold dealer you choose to purchase your bullion will stand behind their goods and provide a buyback policy.

Speak with one of Gold Secure’s knowledgeable consultants before investing. They can assist you in obtaining the best precious metals and have the best buyback terms in the business so that you can invest confidently.

High Premiums: 

The biggest drawback of investing in gold bullion is the significantly higher premiums. This is because gold coins require more time and effort than gold bars. 

Purchasing one 100-gram gold bar is substantially more cost-effective than purchasing ten 10-gram bars; the same is true when purchasing gold coins. Although it might not seem like much, the difference increases if you save hundreds of pounds in gold.


Despite what the Romans did, you cannot use gold coins to pay for milk at the grocery store. You must sell your gold coins to a gold dealer to obtain your money. 

Given the hefty premium you paid, you’ll probably need to sell your gold to the dealer who initially bought it from you, and you’ll probably get less money for it. Due to their higher premiums, gold coins are a little trickier to manage than gold bars.

Buying Gold Bullions From Trusted Gold Dealers 

When buying gold, buyers are likely to obtain a better price when purchasing gold bullion as opposed to gold coins if they want to diversify their holdings and hedge against inflation. This is simply because gold bullion is more affordable to produce, easier to store, easier to secure, and easier to sell.

The ability to start with smaller sums is the key benefit of gold bullion for investors. However, you may buy gold and still have access to gold bullion at a reasonable price through gold dealers like Gold Secure Bullions.

At GoldSecure, our highly qualified experts can assist you whether you are new to investing in precious metals, a seasoned bullion investor, or looking to invest in Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF). We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service and are very honest.

The gold you purchase via Gold Secure Bullion becomes your investment.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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