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Printing the Cityscape With The Wonders of Bollards, Covers, and Correx Board

Bollards and their coverings are sometimes overlook in the urban landscape, despite their essential roles in safety and aesthetics. This piece looks at the importance of these vertical pillars and their protective sheaths. We also look into correx board printing, which is a flexible solution for creating eye-catching displays and signs. Join us as we explore the hidden significance and creative possibilities of these critical elements in our urban environment.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Bollards and Bollard Covers: A Tale of Unseen Guardians

Bollards and bollard covers are widely used yet they are often neglecte and forgotten. If the matter of bollards came up in conversation, most people would have no idea what it is. So, what is the function of bollards and bollard covers? In this piece, you will learn about bollard covers and why they are require.

What is a bollard?

Have you ever spotted a row of poles along a parking lot, sidewalk or outside a building? That’s a bollard. Bollards were originally used to moor boats on ships and harbours. These rows of tiny, strong posts are increasingly being utilised to protect buildings, property, and pedestrians from vehicle crashes.

Bollard covers are covers that can be put over a bollard to provide style, protection, or durability to the structure. Bollard covers are available in a variety of forms, colours, and materials. But why install bollard covers when you already have an excellent set of bollards? A bollard protected by a bollard has several advantages over one that isn’t.

The Role of Bollards in Urban Spaces:

Bollards are sturdy, vertical posts typically made of metal or concrete, strategically placed to regulate vehicular and pedestrian traffic. They are commonly seen lining streets, protecting storefronts, guiding traffic, and even enhancing security in sensitive areas. While the functionality of bollards is widely acknowledged, the visual impact they make on the urban landscape is equally important.

Things to consider when buying a bollard cover

After understanding what bollard covers do and why you need them, there are a few more things to consider before purchasing bollard covers. This includes considering the type, quality, and size of the bollard covers you like.

  • Type of bollard cover

Select a bollard cover depending on your bollard’s design and purpose. Some are just aesthetic and suitable for low-traffic regions. Thicker or flexible coverings are suitable for high-traffic areas, providing additional protection. Consider covers that can incorporate lighting or signage to improve usefulness and aesthetics. Choose very carefully for both design and functionality.

  • Material

Plastic is a popular material for bollards due to its durability and ease of maintenance. A plastic bollard cover can withstand all weather conditions while also protecting the bollard from corrosion and other damage. Plastic bollards are durable and do not require regular replacement. When a bollard has to be replaced, painting it or completely replacing it is less costly.

  • Size

The size of your bollard cover is the last item you should consider. Measuring your bollard can help you determine the size of the cover you’ll need. Determine the thickness of the cover base on how the bollard will be utilise. If you wish to add height to a short bollard, choose a bollard cover that will do so.

Mastering Bollard Cover Installation: A Guide to Slip-On, Interlocking, and Push Rivet Techniques

Whether you select slip-on, interlocking, or push rivet, our printed bollard covers make it simple to customise outdoor bollards and poles. How do you install bollard covers, you ask? We have got you cover. Here is a fast installation guide for all three main types of bollard covers.

  • How to install bollard covers: Slip-on / two-sided covers

Slip-on bollard covers are easily fitt by simply slipping them over the bollard. To fix the cover, apply pressure to the sleeve’s edges and bend the panels outwards. Once in position, the tension of the panels keeps it secure. These covers are pre-assemble with snap rivets, avoiding splitting. Removal is simple; simply press on the sides and remove the cover away from the bollard without causing harm. Simple and efficient!

  • Installation of bollard covers with interlocking tabs

Interlocking bollard covers, despite their fancy name, are just as easy to install as slip-on covers. Wrap the cover around the bollard, slide the tabs into place, and you are finish. To remove or reuse the tabs, just take them out of the slot. Easy and efficient!

  • How to install bollard covers with push rivets

Wrap the cover over the bollard, position the outer-facing panel over the inner flap, and secure with the included plastic ‘fir tree’ rivets. The ribs on these rivets compress inside during installation, guaranteeing a secure fit by extending outward after passing through the hole. This ensures firmness while allowing for simple removal if you want to reuse your bollard covers in the future.

Unveiling Bollard Cover Benefits: A Spectrum of Safety, Style, and Community

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Customisable designs that match architectural aesthetics, transforming bollards into visually appealing elements.
  • Increased Visibility for Safety: Vibrant colours or reflective surfaces that enhance visibility, reducing the risk of accidents in busy areas.
  • Longevity and Durability: Protective covers that shield bollards from weather and impact, prolonging their functional lifespan.
  • Versatility in Design: Various materials allow for sculpting, painting, or wrapping to represent local art and culture.
  • Community Engagement: Involving local artists or communities in the design process fosters community engagement.
  • Safety in High-Traffic Areas: Bollard covers serve as both protective barriers and visual cues in busy intersections.

Incorporating bollard covers provides a multifaceted approach, offering benefits that range from safety to community engagement.

Elevate Your Visual Impact With The Power of Correx Board Printing

Correx board printing is a flexible and cost-effective way to create eye-catching displays and signs. Correx boards are comprise of corrugated polypropylene, which makes them lightweight but durable. This material is waterproof and resistant to most weather situations, making it appropriate for indoor and outdoor use.

The printing process on correx board printing produces colourful and high-quality images, making them perfect for advertising campaigns, event signs, and temporary installations. Because of their modest weight, the boards are simple to transport and install.

Correx boards are widely use for real estate signs, political campaigns, building site signage, and other promotional activities. Their low cost and durability make them a popular choice for businesses and people seeking a dependable and impactful printing solution for short- to medium-term applications.

Correx board printing is a practical and visually appealing solution for a range of applications, including promoting a sale, directing event participants, and displaying instructive messages.


To summarise, bollards and their often-overlooked coverings perform critical roles in urban safety and aesthetic development. Understanding these aspects exposes the complex processes that shape our cityscapes. Correx board printing provides a dynamic solution for eye-catching displays, as well as a cheap and adaptable communication medium. Companies succeed in this creative landscape, providing tailored solutions that perfectly combine functionality and artistic expression. Whether via the unobtrusive safety of bollards, the creative possibility of covers, or the eye-catching displays of correx boards, these pieces work together to provide colour and individuality to our surroundings. Trust VC Print for creative and high-quality printing solutions, since every detail counts in defining our urban landscapes.

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