Enhancing the Charm of Maltese Townhouses: Tips for Creating a Welcoming Home

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    Close to town centres and built for comfort, townhouses are a type of property in Malta are dripping with traditional charm and beautiful architectural features, both inside and out. Making your townhouse feel like a home can be a challenge, but the end result makes it all worthwhile. If you are buying townhouse, these tips could help you create your perfect space.

    Embrace the Quirks: Townhouses often exhibit unconventional room layouts and uneven walls, which can challenge those who prefer clean lines and symmetry. However, these idiosyncrasies should not be seen as drawbacks. By thinking creatively, you can leverage these distinctive features to your advantage.

    Transform an oddly-shaped corner into bespoke storage or highlight original architectural details through strategic spotlighting. Embracing the quirks of older homes is what makes them special, and by working harmoniously with these characteristics, you can create an exceptional living space.

    Consider Custom-Made Solutions: The inherent quirks of townhouses, such as uneven walls and tight corners, can pose difficulties when it comes to finding furniture that fits perfectly. However, one effective solution is to opt for custom-made furniture and decor.

    While this bespoke option may involve additional costs compared to ready-made alternatives, it has the potential to completely transform your space. Furniture, cabinets, and shelving tailored to fit specific, awkward areas will not only optimize the usability of your home but also add value to the property. Consult with a skilled carpenter or metal worker to explore the possibilities and determine the associated costs. Share your ideas, no matter how preliminary, and they will guide you in the right direction.

    Make a Statement: Maltese townhouses often feature distinctive elements like limestone walls, tiled floors, and large windows. To make your space truly stand out, consider incorporating these elements into your interior design.

    For example, laminate or parquet flooring can elevate a room from rustic Mediterranean to chic Scandinavian style, while also providing additional insulation, making it ideal for bedrooms and living areas. If your townhouse has rough limestone walls, plastering them can help level uneven surfaces and serve as a blank canvas for a feature wall. Additionally, a gypsum wall can hide unsightly electrical and plumbing connections without the need for cutting into the stone.

    Given that townhouses in densely built areas may lack sufficient natural light, installing skylights can introduce sunlight and expand the perceived living space, particularly if placed above a courtyard.

    Striking a Balance: When it comes to revamping a townhouse, many homeowners feel torn between preserving its traditional features and embracing modern aesthetics. The key lies in striking a balance that respects the home’s character while incorporating contemporary elements.

    By blending modern materials with organic and natural ones, such as limestone walls and traditional tiled floors, you can achieve an attractive contrast. Retaining thick walls for insulation purposes in exposed areas not only reduces construction costs but also lowers long-term utility expenses. It’s an opportunity to unleash your creativity!

    Townhouses are highly sought-after properties, particularly for those who enjoy renovation projects. Understanding the limitations and potential of a townhouse before making a purchase will streamline the decorating process and ensure a rewarding transformation.