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Play Solitaire^ – The Best Card Game Ever!

Camel Motion Inc. recently released a never seen version of the famous card game, Solitaire^. Easy Gameplay, Comprehensive Rules, Multiple Thematic Backgrounds, and Standard Scoring Board are what this Solitaire^ is all about. 

Solitaire is quite an old game that has been with us for centuries. As a result, its popularity keeps on increasing day by day. Everyone, from the young and the old, can be found hooked to this game, whenever they get time. 

How To Find right Solitaire?

With a plethora of Solitaire games, it becomes slightly strenuous to pick up the right one. So, to make everything crystal clear, here I am going to walk you all through the greatness of Solitaire^. Don’t fail to comprehend the caret symbol in front of Solitaire^. That is what separates it from the riff-raff. 

Let us have an insightful analysis of Solitaire^ by Camel Motion

1- Range of Themes and Card Covers

Firstly, Solitaire^ comes with a variety of card covers and eye-pleasing themes that you can apply to your own taste. It’s natural that one may get slightly bored while playing a game in a particular mode. To avoid that, there are thematic backgrounds, such as tropical rainforest, exotic beach, bright blue sky, sunny morning, rainy beauty, etc., in Solitaire^. 

Apart from that, gamers can also apply several designs and patterns on the back of the cards available in the game. Various bright and vibrant colored patterns, such as magenta, indigo, saffron, crimson, etc. are there in Solitaire^. 

Due to this diversification, Solitaire^ turns into an extraordinary card game fiesta. Hence, any strand of monotony clearly becomes non-apparent, thereby, making the gaming experience much more fun. 

2- The Standard Scoring Tab

Secondly, a standard scoring table is made available for gamers. Because of this table, the gamer is awarded points for the various moves he makes in the game. Similarly, the player may also lose points if he/she makes a certain kind of move. Refer to the table below for further clarification. 

Waste to Tableau+5 Points
Waste to Foundation+10 Points
Tableau to Foundation+10 points
Turn over Tableau Card+5 Points
Foundation to Tableau-15 Points

Moreover, by the virtue of these scores, any gamer will be able to better himself by scoring more with each subsequent game. As a result, he will track his progress and learn a lot. 

3- Two Types of Drawing Cards

The game of Solitaire^ offers you two ways in which you can draw cards from the Stock Pile. These are:-

Draw 1:- For the beginner and intermediate players, the option of Draw 1 is there. In this mode, they are allowed to draw 1 card at a time.

Draw 3:- This one is much suited to the advanced players. They can draw 3 cards at the same time from the Stock Pile, and the topmost card revealed will be dealt on the Tableaus and the Foundations. 

With this variation, they can up the ante and make their game more challenging. This will only allow them to grow and be a better version of themselves. 

4- The Hint and Undo Feature

There are countless occasions when a player is stuck and cannot think of any move to go forward. In such a problematic situation, the option of Hint comes to the rescue. By clicking on Hint, you would be able to have a sneaky look at the next move. And then you can advance into the game. 

Similarly, whenever you are unsure of the move you just made, the Undo option will help you to retrace your step. You can go back on your move and make the correct move to finish the game as soon as you can. 

These features play an instrumental role in helping you push through the game of Solitaire^. 

5- Removal of the Ads

There are short pieces of advertisements that are played when you replay any portion of the game. These ads work as a breather for you, where you can refresh and energize yourselves to undertake the next game. 

However, some gamers may get annoyed by the repetitive play of these ads. To ease their pain, they can get rid of the ads by paying a very nominal sum of money. By doing so, they can play Solitaire^ non-stop, without any disturbance and interruption. 

In this manner, they can extract maximum fun from the games of Solitaire^. 


In a nutshell, Solitaire^ is undoubtedly the best card game to have ever existed. One will learn lots of Patience by playing Solitaire^. Moreover, there will be a significant enhancement in his/her tolerance power as well. 

And Solitaire^ by Camel Motion Inc. is a complete package. With its eye-captivating graphics, anyone will find this game completely irresistible. 

Furthermore, Solitaire^ is available for free download from The App Store. So, go grab it as soon as you can and enjoy this game. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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