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Penetration Testing Challenges Companies Should Know

Cybersecurity is a non-ending game of Tom & Jerry. Organizations always want to stay one step ahead of the bad actors. In contrast, hackers use new tools and malicious codes to penetrate the walls and steal data from a network or website. Who would be the ultimate winner in this game? No one knows for sure! Organizations should use different tools and practices to spot weak points in the network and cover them. Penetration testing is an effective practice for uncovering vulnerabilities. However, it could also be challenging. This post will reveal penetration testing challenges companies should know. Keep reading to learn more!

Top 5 Challenges of Penetration Testing To Know:

Penetration testing is a vital assessment of your network that could uncover vulnerabilities and weak points in your network or database. However, it does not come without challenges. Some of these challenges can hinder the effectiveness of penetration testing, and you must be mindful of these points. It would be best to explore the list of top pentest challenges to find a perfect solution for them. We have compiled a list of penetration testing challenges you should explore to better understand these problems. Understanding these challenges will help you stay ahead of the hackers in the cybersecurity race. Let us begin!

1. Resources availability:

Penetration testing is a crucial security assessment that should be done promptly when needed. Organizations should quickly organize these tests to assess vulnerabilities and protect the network from malicious attempts. However, what if the resources are insufficient for organizing these tests? Long wait times can delay pen tests, and hackers will exploit this opportunity. Never leave your website vulnerable to hackers by delaying assessment tests.

It would be best to plan your security assessment tests in advance. You should work closely with test providers to secure a slot when needed. A bench of qualified penetration testers will help you when you sense a threat to your network.

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2. Quality control crisis:

Quality control is another major challenge in cybersecurity gaming. Penetration testers should always use updated tools and compliant procedures to assess vulnerabilities in your network. What if they rely too heavily on automated tools that lead to false negatives or positives? What if you hire unqualified penetration testers? These aspects will hurt your network and put your sensitive data at risk.

It is always necessary to ensure that the penetration testing company you hire has a proven track record. They should have a bench of certified professionals to conduct these tests. Who but professional penetration testing companies in UAE can help your cause? Hire them today!

3. Lengthy onboarding processes:

Organizations are often stuck in lengthy onboarding and procurement processes, hindering their ability to quickly perform assessment tests. It is no less than a challenge these days, and almost every company complains about it. A standardized and efficient procurement process will help you alleviate numerous problems and challenges.

Faster scheduling and streamlined procurement processes are necessary to overcome lengthy onboarding processes. You can secure a spot to allow testers to perform these tests for your network when needed. It would be best to update your procurement policies regularly to minimize delays and other problems.

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4. Establishing consistency:

Every organization should evaluate the quality of services provided by penetration testing experts. There are countless problems associated with this heading, which include inconsistent methodologies, limited transparency, and reporting standards. You may fall into chaos if you don’t advocate for industry-wide practices and standards. Never fall victim to fall reports and poor testing tools since they can put your data at risk.

You should never compromise on the standards and transparency of testers. Ask about their experience and qualification and whether they have a track record of similar projects. If yes, you can enjoy consistent and reliable outcomes. Otherwise, look for a viable alternative.

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5. Communication problems:

Miscommunication can create serious problems during penetration testing services. The communication between penetration testers and client organizations should be streamlined and crystal clear. They must stay on the same page to make things work out. A slight problem in communication can lead to ineffective test results and identified vulnerabilities. Establish open and clear communication with your tester to achieve better outcomes.

Choosing a penetration company that provides multiple communication channels is always necessary. It will help you reach them anytime you need their services. Do you want to work with a reliable company to identify vulnerabilities in your network? You better hire professional cyber security gurus and and let them implement modern security protocols for your network

Secure your network with penetration testing!

Hackers will never leave your website and network. They will attack with new tools and malicious codes to penetrate the wall and steal sensitive information. Why not keep them away with cybersecurity services? It would be best to hire professional cybersecurity companies and let them implement modern security protocols for your network.

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