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Packaging with Purpose: The Practical Benefits of Kraft Boxes

With the passage of time everyone is looking to make our environment cleaner and sustainable for the future generations. This is the main reason people are now getting conscious about using plastic packaging. 

For the solution of this problem kraft paper is used by various businesses and companies for manufacturing and packaging the products. Kraft paper as the name implies is one of the main and integral choices for both the businesses and the consumers. 

The main reason for this is the sustainability of this packaging material as it comes with exceptional quality features. You will be amazed to know that all natural materials are used for making this kraft packaging. 

Being non-toxic in nature this material never ever pollutes the environment. This is why major renowned brands like McDonald’s, Nike, Samsung all prefer to use kraft boxes for packaging their products. 

Although creating custom ideal kraft boxes is not that difficult a technique but you have to follow some processes for making it clear for packaging products. 

In case you are a business owner and it’s your die heart wish to run packaging products manufactured with kraft paper you have to make the product boxes appealing for the customers.

There are a lot of varieties of kraft packaging material in the industry. You can customize them according to the customer demands. It depends on the designing, kraft material, styling, color schemes and the list goes on. 

Let’s have a look at the major benefits of kraft boxes and why they are in demand in the packaging industry:

Biodegradable Nature of Kraft Box Packaging

Kraft boxes serve to be a great alternative for attracting those customers that are more environmentally conscious.  with this kraft paper you can add a nice touch and attractive look for the product box so that it becomes more appealing in the consumer’s eye.

As these boxes are manufactured with biodegradable material it is easy to save the environment by using such boxes without affecting the future generations’ safety and security.

According to the last recent survey of distribution companies we have found that about 57% of the customers think if the packaging is sustainable it is easier to buy and decompose. They will prefer that product.

Now the question is why should you prefer kraft box packaging over others for your products?  There is an easy to go answer for this question. As these kraft boxes are sustainable they provide long term product sustainability and protection so companies prefer them over the standard boxes.

Even the customers appreciate the brands that provide sustainable packaging as they show their loyalty and care towards both the customer and the environment. It makes you build a strong connection with your clients and improves your brand’s integral values.

At the end of the day when you are collecting the brand revenue, you will also be able to leave a strong impression with your items over other brands and make your brand stand out in the market.

Kraft Boxes Packaging is Exceptionally Recyclable

Next comes the recyclable benefit of these kraft boxes! As these kraft boxes are recyclable – reason is they are manufactured with wood pulp and other eco friendly materials. Different kinds of fibers like pinewood, other species like bamboo are used for making these kraft boxes.

Although these product boxes can be reused, they are often buried once they get damaged or decomposed within a few weeks after the product is used. With this feature you can draw the clients’ attention towards the sustainability factor.

Also they prove to be a great benefit for the environment as you can bury these packaging boxes in the soil. Resultantly they will get into the soil and there will be no further litter on the ground. Unlike plastic and other packaging materials you don’t have to decompose these boxes in the landfills.

By offering such feasible opportunities you can convince consumers to buy your products as they will be greatly attracted by the sustainability of these appropriate kraft box packaging. 

Durability and Strength of Kraft Packaging

Next comes the durability feature of kraft box packaging. If the product is secure inside the packaging not only the customer will be pleased but also it will be easier to transfer the product from warehouses to retail stores or the customers’ doorstep.

It is very important to consider what kind of product is packed in the packaging box as it depends on what scenarios it has to face during the transit. I have told you earlier that a kraft box is made from soft wood or wood pulp, this gives the product box exceptional quality strength.

The long fibres of the wood increase the kraft box’s long life as they add strength and flexibility to the packaging box. There are many layers embedded in the kraft paper to make the product box sturdy and durable.

A technique named as polythene coating or PE, protects the kraft box from any kind of damage or mishap or other potential elements like moisture, heat, germs or oil during the transit. To mention, this method doesn’t add any kind of negative effects to the recycling feature of kraft boxes. 

Catchy Designs Availability

 Designing and styling is another opportunity that makes the brand elevate their product and compete with their competitors in the market. Wholesale kraft box packaging comes with exceptional quality designing features that amaze the consumers.

Brands can easily print their companies’ information and logos on these boxes. You can even add a different color scheme touch on these boxes.

To make your information clear and prominent on the box, bespoke kraft boxes come to help that ultimately leads to the increased brand revenue while improving your brand’s identity and appearance in the market.

Kraft Paper – Best Choice for Gift Packaging

Apart from delivering products to their customers, kraft boxes are also famous for their use as gift boxes. Kraft paper boxes come with a variety of customization opportunities.

You can create these boxes as gift delivering boxes to your loved ones on special occasions like New Year’s Eve, any kind of religious occasion or birthdays and even dinner parties or other kinds of celebrations to cherish their special moments.

In these kraft boxes you can add a special touch, making them more appealing and meaningful for your family and friends. With these kraft boxes you can be cost effective while delivering the best to your loved ones.

Although it doesn’t sound as exciting, many people out there prefer to use kraft boxes as gift boxes for delivering their presents to their friends and family. Using these boxes can elevate your brand’s identity and values in the industry. 

Wrap Up

Kraft box packaging can be an ultimate solution to many of your problems as a business owner. What you have to do is, pitch on the right time on the right product boxes with smart strategy, and you’ll outshine your competitors in some time. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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