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Overview of the BMW 2023 product line: New 7 Series, XM and more

Here’s what’s new from BMW for the 2023 model year, including a redesign for the 7 Series sedan, X1 crossover and a new M flagship SUV called the XM.

At the opposite of the range, the redesigned X1 offers a more spacious cabin. At launch, there was only one xDrive28i, fueled by a 2.0-liter in-line Miller-cycle engine with 241 hp and 13 lb-ft. A seven-speed dual-clutch transmission replaced the eight-speed automatic. before. Prices start at $39,595. A redesigned BMW X2 2023 with a sleeker hatchback body will arrive in about a year. But for now, only the 228hp s and xDrive28i models continue, as the 302hp M35i variant is on hold.

The X3, X4, X5 and X6 SUVs, as well as the 5-Series sedans, see only minor changes.

A redesigned 7-series flagship with larger dimensions and a petrol or electric powertrain. In other big news from BMW, the iX electric SUV comes in a 610-hp M60 variant, has an EPA range of up to 288 miles and a base price of $109,895. The i4 adds an entry-level eDrive35 model with a single engine producing 281 hp and a smaller 66.0 kWh battery that can go 260 miles. 

At $52,395, $4,500 less than the eDrive40. Changes to the 2 Series Coupe are limited to the updated infotainment. However, a redesigned M2 will debut in the spring, with its chassis and powertrain borrowing heavily from the M3/M4. Details are limited, but a twin-turbo twin-turbo with around 450hp powers the rear wheels through an eight-speed automatic or a six-speed manual.

The 3 Series lineup (330i, 330e and M340i) gets a bit of a refresh, with sharper exterior styling and BMW’s curved infotainment screen available on all variants, including the one M3. The opening price was $43,295. The 4-Series focuses on the flagship M4 Competition, adding a race-focused CSL variant with an additional 40 horsepower (now 543), a 240 pound weight reduction, and a $140,895 price tag. $. . Production is limited to 1000 worldwide.

The 8 Series, M8 Competition and Alpina B8 612bhp get a modest refresh, including an illuminated grille and a larger touchscreen. Carbon bucket seats are available in the 617 hp M8. Art collectors can splurge on one of 99 special edition M850i ​​Gran Coupes designed by Jeff Koons, priced at $350,995. The updated Z4 roadster features minor styling tweaks, but unfortunately it doesn’t follow its Toyota Supra platform companion in offering a manual transmission option.

BMW M is thinking big with the new XM SUV, adopting the polarizing design of the concept of the same name. It will arrive on the Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus early next year with a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V-8 plug-in hybrid powertrain producing 644 hp or up to 735 hp in the Label version. Red is coming. Almost the same size as the three-row X7, the two-row XM will have ample rear seats and a balance of travel and handling geared toward epic touring rather than race day.

We tested a prototype, and despite weighing around 6,000 pounds, we found it more enjoyable to drive than some of BMW’s smaller, sportier cars. And if there’s an M on the case, you can bet your sweet cock that there’ll be a Competition version as well.

BMW is well-known for manufacturing some of the most technologically sophisticated cars available. Even the most technologically equipped car may develop problems from time to time; hence, BMW created a BMW scan tool, a compact, portable gadget that enables you to diagnose any problems your car may be experiencing.

The big X7 is also refreshed with an i7-inspired UI and curved infotainment display. The xDrive40i’s turbocharged inline-six increases 40hp to 375, while the M50i model becomes the M60i, with the 523hp 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 receiving 48-volt hybrid assistance. Prices start at $78,845 and go up to around $145,000 for the updated Alpina XB7, which has 630 ponies. 

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