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Opal and its Magical Properties

Jewels are like a tribute to being a woman. It has the power to be that one little thing which makes you feel unique.

However, if the jewelry has amazing healing qualities, it serves as the cherry on the cake. This is how OPAL enters the picture.

What Is Opal?

Before going into the incredible qualities of opal, let’s first define it.

Opal is a gemstone that is mostly known for its beauty; it is worn by both men and women and comes in a variety of colours. Everyone adores opal jewelry, which includes rings, pendants, necklaces, and other pieces.

Opals are composed of tiny silica spheres that have several colours and are placed in a regular pattern with water in between. These spheres in opal stones scatter white light, splitting it into distinct colours of the spectrum (also known as opalescence). Smaller spheres exclusively emit the colours blue and green, while larger spheres distribute a variety of colours.

In simple words, opal can be referred to as the stone of light, purity and play.

Formation of Opal

A combination of silicon and water forms the OPAL stone.

Sandstone silica is carried into holes and fissures created by natural faults or decaying fossils by water as it travels through the earth. A coating of silica is created as the water evaporates. Over extremely long periods, this cycle is repeated until opal is finally produced.

Incredible properties of Opal

A bag full of high vibrational energy, upbeat energy, amplification skills, and a great sense of balance, the opal stone is known for its healing properties.

It gives you mental and physical equilibrium as well as hope and peace of mind. In addition to sparking your creative spirit, it draws positive energy your way and brings luck or good karma into your life. An individual who has an opal ring can also utilise it as a charm to attract fortunate events into their aura.

Metaphysical properties

Opal is a beautiful stone with magical qualities that benefit people in various ways. The precious stone’s display of fire inspires innovation, and the waves of fire also give people’s lives glory. Since earlier times it was believed that light-coloured stones are connected with assisting people in becoming less noticeable to others and increasing eyesight.

Opal is a healing stone according to European cultures and symbolises optimism, purity, and truth. Opal boosts self-esteem while giving people the willpower to stand up to others in conflict.

Being a stone of light means that Opal enhances the communication skills of the wearer, and assists on the path of spirituality.

Opal is also associated with the Sacral Chakra, which is one of the chakras in the body. Keeping this chakra in harmony prevents people from developing major addiction problems. Also, it was believed that opal moderates and harmonizes the sexual desires of people as well.

Mental And Emotional Properties

Opal, often known as the “hope stone,” is said to heal, bring harmony and tranquilly into people’s lives, and energise them with good energy.

This gem increases your self-confidence, gives you the courage to accept and appreciate yourself, and helps you to quit second-guessing yourself.

Opal is about amplification, which makes every idea, deed, and emotion obvious to you by shedding light on them so that everything comes under your notice. Opal also sends messages to the universe to clarify all the clutter that is influencing your mind and heart.

Opal helps you deal with your past by erasing all of the connections, patterns, and wounds so that you can start again and live your beautiful present with pleasure.

It makes you responsible to take charge of your actions which is very important in life. Relationships are profoundly healed by this maturity, which works like pure magic without invalidating our own emotions.

Physical Properties

Opal is a healing stone because it boosts the immune system and treats bodily illnesses and fevers. Health is wealth, and since people are falling ill more frequently these days due to poor sleep habits and an unbalanced diet, opal serves as a survivor for individuals.

For individuals with compromised respiratory systems and chests, using Opal acts as a mystical cure by bringing lightness to breathing.

The opal may restore brightness to a person’s healthy life once more if they have been struggling with a physical disease for a while or a serious condition.

Opal stones help you in leading a healthy life by cleansing your system and assisting you in dealing with liver infection and water retention issues.

Opal – Play Of Colour

Opal is a multicoloured stone because it comes in a range of hues, which is one of its mystical qualities. Play-of-color is defined by the dominant main colour, followed by the secondary colours. The phrase MULTICOLOUR may be used before the primary colour if the play of light contains three or more.

Moreover, Brightness and Pattern are used to categorise the appearance of the PLAY-OF-COLOUR.

These are some magical properties of this gemstone jewelry which make it precious and beautiful.

Who Should Wear Opal?

Opal stone is associated with people born in October. Opal is a very beautiful and precious stone which draw the attention of every individual, and also have numerous benefit in it.

The natural stone must be worn by people having zodiac signs such as Taurus and Libra according to gemologists.

These astrological gemstones are also highly recommended for people who have Venus (Shukra) Mahadasha or Antardasha in their horoscope.

Moreover, opa is extremely beneficial to individuals suffering from infertility, sexual disorders, low libido, and impotency.

How To Use Opal Stone?

The ideal way to remain connected with opal’s power is to wear it; doing so will keep you in sync with the stone’s healing vibrations.

It is essential to ensure that the opal you are buying is genuine, pure, and hasn’t been treated with any chemicals, as this will diminish the stone’s healing properties.

It was believed that opal stone should be worn on the index finger of your right hand on the night of the ShukalPakshah (Waning Moon) of any month on a Friday before noon.

The purification of the ring with raw milk and Gangajal is a must before anyone wears it. Also, recite Om Dram Drin Drausa: Shukraya Namah 108 times while placing a white cloth over it and wearing it will activate the power of stone.

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