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NFT Token Development: How’s It Going in 2023?

With the new year week almost bashed and done, we jump back into the reality of looking for a business opportunity in the Web3 space that had indeed spawned quite a few new perspectives. Despite all the fancily-named use cases popping up on the internet, NFT token development seems to lie underneath most of them, as non-fungible tokens’ popularity increases by leaps and bounds. Let us now have a refresher that could enlighten us on how NFTs could serve the decentralized society to the fullest without concern about projects spreading negative vibes in the Web3 space. 

NFT Token Development: A Refresher

While we talk about NFT token development, although it is simply the process behind developing NFTs for products for commercial enterprises, it is not as easy as minting and listing an NFT on a popular marketplace. There are a few points to consider while working from a business perspective, which we will see in a later section.

Today, almost every Layer-1 and Layer-2 solution has the capability to support smart contracts and NFTs, increasing the scope and choices for entrepreneurs to begin their ventures. Also, niches for which these tokens can be created have grown so much in recent times.  

Time to Glow as a Business with a Positive Blow to the NFT Market!

Even though NFTs are present in many genres, not all of them gain recognition at all times. Usually, with a new year come new perspectives and expectations, and 2023 is no different.  Let’s list the niches where NFT entrepreneurs could garner reputation and remuneration.

  • Profile Pictures (PFP)
  • Generative Art Images
  • Sports Collectibles
  • In-game Products
  • Membership Tokens
  • Artworks
  • Fashion Products
  • Metaverse Land Plots
  • Phygital Assets

Other niches might well see normal trading levels as the concepts of fractional NFTs and soulbound tokens (SBTs) gain momentum in the coming days. Also, the inclusion of NFTs in the DeFi sphere could be of great help for the ecosystem to keep flowing.

Non-fungible Tokens from a Business’s Eyes

Although the definition of non-fungible tokens has looked too technical for commoners, hardcore Web3 business enthusiasts did not find any difficulties deciphering it. Such is the fascination level of entrepreneurs for these tokens, and 2023 is expected to bring in more novelty in terms of use cases and additional features.

With that being said, the ultimate aim of any business owner will be to earn profits of humongous levels (although a margin will do justice at the end of the day in most cases). NFTs have enough steam to stay as profit-generating machines this year, too, in spite of the general shift in focus toward utility-based tokens.

What Should One Focus on While Selecting Blockchains for NFTs?

We had earlier seen that NFTs had expanded away from Ethereum, as every network out there – L1 and L2, have upgraded themselves with smart contracts and the ability to host NFTs. Solana, BNB Chain, Cardano, Avalanche, Polygon, and Flow are popular blockchains where NFT token development had been bludgeoned in 2022-2023. Some points to note while choosing the network to host NFTs include:

  • The Target Market of your business determines which blockchain(s) you should opt for your NFT venture. It is best to work on the top three or five blockchains if your niche is nascent, while one or two will be enough if you plan to work on a saturated niche.
  • Concerns about Gas Costs could hit you hard if your business could see increased congestion in the long run. For such issues, either one can choose a low or zero-gas fee network such as Solana, go for an L2 solution like Polygon, or build a custom network on an L1 chain like Avalanche.
  • The above points also could be valid for entrepreneurs thinking of Network Speeds, as most networks are upgrading their capabilities to offer seamless experiences at low costs, making Web3 accessible to all.

How to Create NFTs for Business?

  • Set the vision for your NFT business by collecting thoughts and collaborating with industry professionals to outline your venture’s aims.
  • Work with creators and developers as part of the NFT token development campaign to create tokens that reflect your business.
  • Choose the marketplace platform to mint and sell the NFTs based on your target market and niche’s popularity in that platform’s serving networks.

How Will the NFT Space Evolve Beyond 2023?

As we look beyond 2023 (yes, I know it’s too early for that), it is clear that NFTs will get mainstream in several parts of the world as many brands and governments adopt these tokens to offer authentic experiences and documentation. The growth of immersive and accessible metaverses could also fuel the NFT market to never-seen levels that could lead to multiple NFT booms, each bigger than the last one within this decade.

The Future is Now – Get Ready to Embrace and Evolve to Adopt the Magic of NFTs!

Shedding Final Thoughts

Henceforth, we can say that non-fungible tokens in 2023 could evolve more than whatever we have seen all this time. Business-minded individuals focusing on NFT token development could find the right pathways to crack the secret of success in the virtual space, irrespective of market conditions. Suppose you have any doubts about becoming a successful NFT entrepreneur. In that case, you never need to worry, as there are many professional providers offering their expertise in NFT development from end to end.

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Uneeb Khan
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